What happens when you are not able to hold an erection? The condition is called 'erectile dysfunction'. It can be disturbing for a man because the world thinks that they are not man enough to satisfy their woman.

Also known as 'impotence', ED can affect your relationship in a negative way. In today's world, even women have embraced sexuality and a dissatisfying sex life can be a reason for infidelity. 

When men have erectile dysfunction, it becomes difficult to get an erection or just maintain one. The man loses interest in sexual intercourse and it also causes decreased libido. The question is - How to treat erectile dysfunction effectively? 

Dermatologist believes that shockwave therapy is efficient in treating erectile dysfunction. Before we take a look at the possible treatments, let us skim through the causes. 

The Causes: 

As we start ageing, the hormone production in our body decreases. This leads to decreased interest in sex.
When there is not enough blood flowing to the penis, it leads to erectile dysfunction. Thus, it could be due to blood pressure, performance stress, heart disease, and high cholesterol.
Diseases such as Parkinson's disease and obesity could be the cause behind the ED.

The Fix 

Most men shy away from going to the doctor, but you need a fix for it. Your sex life could go for a toss without an erection. Let's not forget that the woman in your life may look for someone else. 

As for the fix, it depends on the severity of the condition.

1.  There are oral medications too. However, you cannot buy these without a prescription. Also, the doctor gives you a recommended dosage. Do not commit the mistake of popping these pills. 

2. Men have started investing in penis pumps. These are mostly available in adult stores and even your doctor may recommend you to use a particular one. This device creates a vacuum which helps in pumping more blood towards your penis. 

3. As per Dermatologist, 50% of the men (50 and above) suffer from ED and it has become common in today's world. They recommend shockwave therapy as it has an 85% success rate. Now that is a big number and one can feel the difference in just 2 sittings/sessions. It may improve or cure the condition of ED. The treatment has been tested and it is safe for all. Make sure you choose a good clinic to get this procedure done. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Most importantly, you must stay fit and reduce the stress in your mind. Perform yoga at home or join a class. These days it is easy to find YouTube yoga videos. Once you free your mind from negative thoughts, it will be easier for you to lead a healthy lifestyle. 
When your mind is happier and stress-free, you are able to perform better on bed. However, if the ED is severe or average, go for shockwave therapy, penis pumps or medications. Speak to your doctor about it and then make a wise decision.