Kid-Friendly Sofa

All sofas are not created equal. If you’re a mom of four tots, you certainly have different couch needs when compared to a single gal that’s looking for a cute couch to jazz up her solo apartment. After all, kids are known for making a lot of mess. 

Think drawings on your couch, cookie crumbs, juice spills, jumping, and worse, diaper explosions. If you’ve got a family, an ugly black Leather sofa seems like the most sensible choice but, wait!

Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you should just go for a bland couch. After all, this sofa is the centrepiece in your living area. Thankfully, with modern innovations that provide sturdier fabrics, you can now blend style, practicality, function, and durability. If you’re thinking of upgrading your existing couch, consider the following tips on how to pick a kid-friendly sofa. 

Comfort is Key

Couch surfing and movie marathons with your kids are fun only if your couch is comfortable. If you’re stuck with a piece of hard, solid furniture, then there’s no fun in that because you can’t relax and find a comfy spot. If you have a family, everyone needs to feel “at home” on your sofa. Find one with the best proportions that are not too deep, no too short, not too high, and not too soft. Goldilocks was on to something when she chose the chair that feels just right! You will want the same thing for your home so that you can snuggle up together with your brood on a Saturday night in your family room or living room.

Choose the Right Material

Pick the fabric or leather you want. Choosing a leather sofa doesn’t have to mean that you’re stuck with a bland one. Leather sofas now come with lots of stylish embellishments like buttons, fun stitches, and other intricate details. In addition to that, there is a broad range of fabrics that don’t just rip and stain easily. You can choose from various colours, designs, and textures. Picking a dark colour or one with a pattern can hide all sorts of stains. You can also select a sofa with a removable cover so that you can wash it just in case it becomes too soiled. For best results, pick a couch made of the material your kids love. This way, they’d feel more invested in this family purchase, so they’ll be more inclined to take good care of it.

Pick the Most Suitable Style

When more than two people are trying to occupy the couch, you’ll realize size and style truly matters. Do you want a classic corner sofa that seats a lot, or do you want a modern modular sofa that you can breakdown into smaller pieces? Several sofas provide the recliner option. You will want a sofa that entices your kids to sit back, let their hair down, and put up their feet. After all, this sofa is in your house, so they really should feel right at home on it. 

Think of the Add-Ons

Kids love to be comfy with added pillows and throws. They generally like to have a friendly fight over who gets what. When you purchase your sofa, don’t forget to factor this paraphernalia into the picture. No family sofa is complete without these cute touches that add a spark of vibrant design to your home, and at the same time, they provide comfort for your children.

Bottom Line

Apart from being the most significant piece of furniture in your living room, your sofa is the perfect place where you can chill and hang with your kids. The important thing is never to make an impulsive choice. Browse around before making your final decision. Your sofa can double as a sentimental piece because it will be the witness to many of your bonding moments and fun times with family and friends.

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