It is a known fact that not everyone has the tools, space, or time for planting and gardening the way custom planters do it. But this doesn’t mean you don’t love gorgeous blooms and beautiful foliage in your home or patio. You have the choice to value natural beauty without having to do dirty work. There are professionals out there who can help you out.

The following is some of the information that you might find helpful in coming up with your dream planter:

Shade Or Sun?: One of the first things you need to know is where your custom planter will be at the end of the day. Different plants have different tolerances for part sun, full sun, or shade lighting. To create a combination of plants that will be able to bloom and flourish, you have to know the lighting that it will receive.

If you are unsure, you have to decide where you will place your custom planter and then know how the conditions will be throughout the day. Is it going to be sunny in the morning? In the afternoon, does it get full shade? If there are indoor plants, how close are they to the window? These are important questions that you will need to have answers for if you need to succeed in your custom planting.

The Right Height: Some plants grow as tall as four feet, while others stay close to the ground. Knowing what type of headspace is available is very important in selecting the right plants for your place. Other points to consider include whether the planter will be on a plant stand, on the ground, or on any other platform.

Professionals have the ability to create designs that are beautiful with hanging plants and vines being able to spill over the side of the container if it happens to be off the ground and there should be room for them to hang down.

The Devotion: You need to be honest with yourself and find out what time you have to dedicate to caring for your new plants. Are you going to miss one or two watering sessions? Is your lifestyle good for drought-tolerant plants? Those are things that should be known to professionals so that they can organize custom planting to suit your lifestyle.

When thinking about indoor plants, there are custom plants that love warmer temperatures indoors and those that have the capacity to thrive in cool climates, depending on how you love your thermostat.

Ensure it matches: When choosing your planter options, color is an important factor to consider. You should know if you have a specific color that you like. It could be a color that matches your doormat, house, or even your eyes. Get what you like most.