The last time you have used toilet tank cleaner in your bathroom with a sparkling result but the toilet tank had brown rust stains indicates that you have swiped quickly around the tank and flushed it.

Maybe you don’t want to put the tank cleaning in the weekly list of your works but if you want to make sure it doesn’t stink and all the materials are right in place then you need to put that on your list.

If you at least clean your toilet tank twice a year it will enhance the endurance of your toilet. The parts will remain safe. The durability of any toilet materials depends on how you are treating it. So, if your toilet tank performance hasn’t been up to your expectation then there is a 50 percent chance of not cleaning it properly.

People get confused about how they should clean their toilet tank or what kind of cleaner they should use for the tank. You don’t have to prepare from far behind the schedule to start toilet tank cleaning while it is a very simple procedure. Check them out.

Toilet Tank Cleaning Procedure

All you need to do is to get rid of the lid from the tank. Pour some of the cleaning solutions then start scrubbing the side of the tank. But this simple technique requires some of your attention on key parts without which you will never gain the toilet tank cleanness you want.

Let us go through all the tasks you need to complete to have a sparkling toilet tank. The best toilet tank cleaner procedure includes:

1.    First, you’ll have to empty the water tank. Locate the valve and shut it off. Remove the lid then flush the water out until the tank is emptied. If there is any water left in the tank then the overall result will decrease.

2.    Locate all the grim and dirt and start cleaning them. If there is an excess amount of discoloration then fill up the tank with vinegar and wait for 10 to 12 hours before flushing. For a 3 gallon tank, 12 hours is the proper amount of time. Vinegar is one of the most favorite materials worldwide to clean your tank.

3.    Use gloves to clean the inside. It is highly unlikely that people clean their toilet tank regular basis so the cleaning needs more pressure which can’t be done without a glove. Use a disinfectant, no bleaches. These products do more harm than good. After you mix the disinfectant you need to wait for 15- 20 minutes to mix up the materials properly.

4.    Use a scrub brush to reach the areas that you can’t with the glove. If you leave any area from scrubbing then the bacteria will start to rise again. So make sure your toilet tank cleaner job is done thoroughly.

5.    Always remember, if there is any part that needs maintenance, now is your best time to do it. So every time you open that toilet tank look for any mismanagement issue going over there. Check all the parts thoroughly and ask a technician if there is any need for services.

6.    To improve the performance level of your toilet, wipe out the internal parts too. The pipes get jammed with dirt’s some time and cause difficulties in the flow of the water. The whole cleaning won’t give you any benefit if the slime remains inside the pipe.

7.    Now it’s your turn to get the tank filled with water again and flush it. If the water flow is perfect and the toilet is working properly then your job is done.

Final Words

A clean toilet tank will give you a hygienic and healthy life. No matter which toilet tank cleaner you use the best result will come only after you follow the procedure properly. If the dirt remains for a longer period of time then it can become a nest for many insects for breeding. 

You can easily clean your toilet on a daily basis and stay free from the diseases comes along with the cause. Make sure you have followed all the seven steps of toilet tank cleaning.