Fashion is an art and something that cannot be learned easily. A lot of people like express their feelings with fashion. If you are happy, you like to dress in bold coloured outfits, but if you are low, you feel like wearing just anything.

Fashion is not just about clothing. It’s about accessorizing as well. Accessories help in making the outfit enhance its beauty. Most of the women like to dress nicely, but don’t understand the importance of accessorising, especially when it comes to silk sarees. Believe it or not, sarees can also be well accessorised. You can use jewellery or separate drapes to match the colour of your outfit. But you have to be careful about the kind of accessory you use. Silk sarees are already beautiful in nature. You want people to appreciate it. Accessorizing it with heavy garish accessories may ruin its look completely. You should always try to subtly match with the outfit according to the occasion and personal tastes. 

Silk Sarees are priced possessions. They look elegant, classy and offer a royal look to the wearer. Every woman should have a piece of elegance in their wardrobe and if you don’t have one, you should immediately buy south Indian cotton silk sarees online. You would be zapped to find the amount of variety you would find on the internet. There are many kinds of silk sarees available in the market. You can buy south Indian silk, Bhagalpur Silk, Benarasi Silk and many more varieties. Kanjivaram and Benarasi silk sarees are considered to be the best ones because of their intricate work. They are expensive not just in price, but in look as well. 

Accessorizing the Silk Sarees

If you want to bring out the effect of the costly garment, you should know how to drape it and accessorize it. One of the best places to
find inspiration is Bollywood. Silk sarees are a common preference for many actresses in Bollywood. Whether it’s a wedding or a red carpet event, actresses like to flaunt their expensive silk sarees all the time. Women who are not intrigued by Bollywood fashion, they can always look at magazines or internet to find their desired look. If you are planning to buy silk sarees online, you would find the websites presenting the models dressed up in sarees with accessories. One of the most common accessories worn with saree is jewellery.

You can choose to wear traditional gold jewellery or antique jewellery or even tribal jewellery. It completely depends on your personal style and taste. To get a more personalized look, here are a few crucial aspects to consider when dressing up a silk saree:-

   Design and Pattern – Silk sarees comes in all kinds of varieties. They are usually light in weight but designed heavily. So, if are planning to wear a saree to a wedding occasion, it probably would be heavy designed. Hence, you should always go light on your jewellery. Keep as minimalistic as you can. Let your saree speak more than your accessory.

   Occasion – You dress according to the event. You don’t wear a saree to a gym. You obviously wear them on occasions. If you are wearing a saree for a big event like wedding then you are probably going to wear heavy jewellery. Your jewellery should also match with your outfit. So, if your saree has gold work, you would want to wear gold jewellery to match the outfit. Silver or antique or tribal jewellery would not work.

How to look best in Silk Saree?

Indian silk sarees are a great option for women if they want to look elegant and classy. But, just wearing a saree is not enough, you should follow these tips to look the best:-

   Body type – It’s all about achieving the perfect look. Whether you have a heavy body or a sleek one, you should choose a saree according to your body type. Heavy women always choose thin fabrics like chiffon, crepe, georgette. They help in making the body look thinner. Similarly, for thin women, they should choose cotton silk saree or tissue sarees.

   Complexion – Your body complexion also has a lot to do when it comes to picking silk sarees. Light complexion women should always wear light tones like pastels, peach colour. They even look good in dark colours like reds, greens, blues etc. However, women with dark complexion should always wear dark colours. It suits their skin tone.

   Office wear – Wearing silk sarees to office in India is not an uncommon thing. But, it all matters on what kind of silk saree you plan to wear. Office wear should always be subtle colours and prints. Also, they should be pinned up properly with folded pleats to give a tidy look.