Running a website requires a lot of parameters that need to consider for a strong digital presence. Push notifications are one such tool needed for user re-engagement. Notifications are the pop-up messages that show up on the user’s devices irrespective of the device or browser they use and notify them of relevant information. It is an automated mode of direct communication between a website and its end users. Push notifications are permission-based medium, which means visitors have to opt-in before they can start receiving messages. As long as the user subscribes to receive your notifications, it can be triggered through browsers on any device.

From pushing out messages that include a “breaking news” alerts of a news website or to notify a user with the updated article on the blog, push notifications can be powerfully used to reach out to your website users within seconds. As the entire notification is clickable, it makes easier for the users to drive them back to your website or the landing page which you prefer.

As researchers say that, the open rate from push notifications is 5X times that of an email, below are some characteristics that make Push notifications to be a game-changer for your website:

The Opt-in Choice:

You are most likely to increase your brand presence and visibility among your audience by acquiring more subscribers with just a click on “allow”. By giving the users the option to access or refuse the permission to send them the notifications from your website and ensuring the right message on top of the notifications, will definitely going to fetch you with the absolute subscribers. The pop-up message should be intact. When the user clicks on the “allow” button it should add value to the user interests while you send out push notifications. Thus, yielding in higher open rates.

Lock good quality leads:

Many businesses lose out on capturing increased and good quality leads because they engage visitors through filling-out a form that most likely ask for personal information such as name, email id, etc. This makes the visitors think twice, thus, making it difficult for the businesses to retain their visitors. With push notifications, you can acquire subscribers with a single-click on call to action button and re-target/engage them without asking for any personal information. Through push notifications, it is guaranteed that the message will be delivered and displayed to every subscriber’s active device.

Convert your traffic:

How do you retain your first-time visitors?
As you’ve managed to get visitors to your website for the first time, now how to retain them? By sending Intriguing notifications can grab the interest of your audience, and engage them in the right way. Keep sending enthused, targeted, and personalized messages directing them back to your website i.e. keeping them hooked with offers, updates, articles and such can increase more user interaction with your website and thus, helping you in customer retention.

Also, social media is a widely surfed platform. If you are running a business website, you may have various social handles which drive back the potential leads to your website. And, this is where push notifications come handly to make them your customers by subscribing to your website.

Hook up at the right time:

With push notifications, you can connect with your users at the right time. You can expect instant responses by sending real-time push notifications. Set automate notifications for campaigns, create urgency with sales and offers, set-up expiry dates, send notifications based on different geographical locations and time-zones.
  • Segmentation is the key: As said, segmenting your users based on locations, platforms, time-zones, and browsers, etc. and targeting them with personalized push notifications, would definitely going to fetch you with maximum open rates.

Save your time:

To compel a newsletter or an email takes a lot of effort and is a time-consuming task. As it isn’t easy to draft copies, articles, and illustrations on a fly and moreover, people might tend to ignore or open copies that consist of lengthy information. But this isn’t the case while composing push messages, as these are to the point, concise and of course, consumes lesser time to compose and liable to have open rates.

But wait, these push messages need to be on point with the title that is crisp, that can hook the user and resonate with them.

Improving the reach:

People often don’t tend to read their SMS, and emails might end up in their spam box or ignore in the crowd of emails. Thus, push notifications are likely to perform better than emails and SMS. Using push notifications, you can directly target your users by sending messages to your user’s desktops or mobiles and grasp more attention.

Excepting the need for mobile apps:

You can still stay connected to your audiences without investing in developing a mobile application. Just like the in-app messages, your website subscribers will receive notifications right on their mobile screens. Push notifications are supported by multiple browsers- Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, etc.

To conclude, push notifications to send direct messages to your website subscribers and help increase your online presence. By not capturing the user’s personal details, you can directly connect with your subscribers through a single click “allow” opt-in and yield more subscribers.

I hope the above information shared gives an overview of why push notifications are being a game-changer for any website. Share a word with your friends and networks who manage a website and bring them a step close to achieving their business goals by using push notifications for re-engagement.