Exterior Renovation Ideas

Renovating your home exterior may not look like a big deal, but if you do not inject a bit of your own personality and just copy suggestions from the internet, then you will not enjoy the transformation for a long time; hence, maximize your curb appeal by implementing these home exterior renovation ideas;

1. Repair or Change the Door:

Visitors will have to wait in front of your front door so it cannot go unnoticed. You must paint it fresh to enhance its look or replace it if the entry does not improve your curb appeal. You also need to ensure that the door's quality is good for safety purposes.

2. Add a Covered Roof in the Entrance:

When it is raining, your visitors would like to wait under a covered roof until they enter the home; remember to cover the entrance roof.

3. Do Not Ignore the Garage Doors:

In most houses, the garage door covers over 50% of the front; hence, it cannot be ignored. You need to paint the garage door to make it look new and match the style of the rest of the house. If the garage door is beyond repair, then get it replaced.

4. Add Sidings

Giving your home a facelift is a great way to improve curb appeal. It is a great idea to start by adding new siding on your home. New siding can instantly transform the appearance and feel of your house while also adding protection from the elements. A low-maintenance option like LP Smart siding lasts for years. Also, Upgrade your windows and doors to energy-saving models for a modern, attractive look.

5. Add a Main Gate:

Adding a small wooden or metal gate along with a good fence from Cedar Mountain Fence just makes your home look cozy and enhances the front yard's landscaping.

6. Repair the Porch:

You must also polish the porch floor and replace the broken plants. Also, remember to maling trappeopgang (paint staircase) that leads to the porch; the curb appeal will be maintained.

7. Fix an Arbor:

An arbor over the gate looks unique and makes your home stand out. Climbing plants growing on them makes your home look welcoming and changes the entire look of your home exterior.

8. Add Dormer Windows:

This addition can be expensive, but if you can stretch your budget to install dormer windows, it will add another dimension to the home exterior and additional natural light to your home interior.

9. Redo the Driveway:

You need to fix the driveway to not make your home look clumsy. An uneven driveway will not match all your other changes; hence, fix it.

10. Change the Roof:

The roof is also a large part of your home exterior, mainly because it is at the top, so it will be visible from far away; hence, choose the right roof by consulting a designer to pick one that is durable and within your budget.

11. Maintain a Garden:

Planting a garden in the front yard is the easiest way to make your home exterior look good. Adding beautiful plants in pots and the soil is all you need to make your home look splendid from the outside.

Lastly, the best way to make your curb look appealing is by getting rid of all the clutter from outside your house, be it throwing away extra items stored in the yard or just cleaning the shrubs and dead plants, as a clean exterior always looks inviting.