Living in Australia is a great dream of many people and we’re lucky enough to enjoy the beautiful and unique nature of our country every day! The culture of outdoor living is in our blood.

However, we all also like to spend some quality time with family and friends in the comfort of our homes. Or, in the self-care spirit, to stay home all by yourself with a book. Happily, thanks to the mild, warm climate, we can bring the indoor activities to our gardens actually all year long, and take a breath of fresh air while staying home whenever we want.

Are you still looking for ideas for your garden’s design? We’re bringing you some useful nature-inspired hints for making your outdoor area cozy and eco-friendly!

The Great Comeback of Wicker Furniture
We sure can remember wicker chairs and baskets from the visits at our grandparents’. This material used to be crazily popular in the 60’s and 70’s. Right now, we can observe a huge comeback of wicker.

Wicker outdoor furniture in Australia is on the rise again!A spacious wicker sofa and a couple of matching wicker chairs will give your garden a touch of coziness and will recall the warm memories of afternoons at grandma. 

Natural materials have this amazing power of making us feel at home immediately — wicker is no exception.
Obviously, you probably don’t want your backyard to look like a wicker accessories store or a museum of wicker. To achieve the ultimate feel-at-home vibe we strongly encourage you to look for various natural materials and combine them.

Natural materials have this undeniable advantage of getting along together very easily. It won’t be difficult to design your own outdoors space even if you consider yourself as a complete artistic no-talent. Let’s take a look at what you can combine the wicker furniture with!

Stone and Water — a Calming Duo
Talking about stone we just have to start with stone oven — if you have a garden, consider getting one! Unforgettable pizza parties and homemade bread for outdoor breakfast with your family in this lovely hygge atmosphere of your backyard will make wonderful memories. Memories that you and your loved ones will get back to even after long years.

Stone can also be present in your garden in the form of gravel paths and as a part of your garden pond construction. Speaking of pond — it’s an absolute must-have! Garden ponds work real magic when it comes to soothing your nerves after a long, stressful day. Listening to the noise of water and observing colourful fish swimming around will instantly become a part of your daily relaxation rituals.

Such a pond will also attract various kinds of birds from your neighbourhood and make them a safe spot to get hydrated and take a quick bath. That’ll turn your garden into a real eco-friendly oasis.

Don’t Forget the Wood!
Regardless of what you’ve been told, wood actually is a reliable material for outdoor purposes. You just need to take proper care of wooden constructions and accessories and keep them systematically impregnated.

Wood will be perfect for roofing over the garden patio. Combined with carefully planned lighting can really make a stunning impression and complete the home-like, incredibly pleasant mood. Just imagine the lanterns hanging over the wooden folding table and wicker sofa with dozens of soft pillows.

And how about light strings twisted around the columns of the roofing? Doesn’t it make you wait for the sunset every day so you can finally enjoy the view of your garden in the ambient lighting?

Wood can also do a great duet with plants. Your ivy needs something to keep climbing on — a wooden support frame will not only be a help for your growing plant but also a naturally beautiful garden decoration!

A wooden bench on the other side of the garden with a storage underneath will help you save some space (you won’t have to build an additional case for tools and gardening accessories). Such a bench is also an easy way to give your garden a more personalised image. You can repaint it from time to time or carve patterns designed by yourself!

Designing the garden by yourself can surely be a challenge. However, it’s foremost a wonderful opportunity for you to use your imagination and create your very own and 100% unique spot. A safe spot where you can cut off the world and enjoy the nature of your garden in peace and warmth.