Imperceptibly, the adults like us have gone through spring, summer, autumn, and winter for more than ten years. Enjoying the prosperity of the world, after years of grinding, perhaps we're all getting used to the life's rush. We are trying to find the direction of dreams when suddenly turn around and see that those little idols in childhood are still laughing at us. That's our memory of childhood. So today, let's flashback to those animations that inspire Chinese adults a lot. Let's get together to salvage the memory of childhood, to regain the simplicity and purity of the heart.

Happy Friends

Every Chinese must remember these five lovely Superheroes. They protect the planet, uniting as one to fight bravely against the evil forces. They show us friendship, courage, and perseverance.
Happy Friends turns into a happy Biker man. He is naive, bright, and brave, whose skills are happy iron fist and happy return.
Sweetheart Superman turns into sweetheart Biker woman. She is kind-hearted and loving, whose skills are sweet bubbles and sweet attack waves.
Careless Superman becomes a careless locomotive man, careless and forgetful, whose skill is a careless missile.
When Chinese were in their childhood, perhaps they were all imagining having superpowers like the happy Friends to defeat the bad guys and protect the planet. Maybe the Chinese have once longed for life to make friends with them, living in the same world as theirs. Though now the faces in mind blurred, those childhood dreams haven't been long gone.

Magic Boy Kitchener

The beauty of the world is like a delicacy. We could abandon all the stuff but delicacy and love. Let the taste buds dance; let that smile stop. Steamed, stir-fried and braised……Peppers light your eyes. Drop a drop of vinegar and cut off a few pieces of ginger……
The fans of Magic Boy Kitchener must bear in mind those scenes above, which contain all the inspiration and attractions of this cartoon. Looking at chef Fugui and all kinds of delicious food in it, I have my appetite stimulated.
The reason why Xiaofugui has such exquisite cooking skills is all about a belief in his heart. "Get the chief chef and save my grandpa". This belief sustains in his mind, carrying him through all the hardships.

The Story of Hongmao and Lantu

"A man dares to walk around the world with his sword, the daughter has a heart full of swords and tenderness. We know each other and meet each other." We are still excited by this song.
Hongmao comes all the way, trying all the dangers in Jianghu, harvesting love and friendship. He passed through the sun with a rainbow, broke the devil's net.

Big-ear Tutu

Silly and cute children bring us a lot more laughter. His ear moving skill and fighting with his parents are all the funny things in our childhood. This cartoon shows the innocence of children, and their little world enlightens us to maintain that innocence.
There is a child in every adult's heart. If only we could grow up later!
These are all those great animations that have left an unforgettable memory in the Chinese mind. For adults, it's about the innocence, the friendship, the love, and the curiosity of the world. For kids, it's their bright future. An excellent typical animation could be inspirations for generations to come. As for the foreign kids like ours, this Chinese cartoon could give a glimpse into diverse Chinese culture as well. Because the animations draw down a picture of the old and new China, the characters are just the vivid picture of every Chinese.
No matter for education or memory, it's highly recommended to have a glance at these Chinese animations. If you don't know which one to get started with, the Happy Friends  is worth a try.