Clothes are always the extension of oneself. Fashion is always lovely but at the same time, it is very important to be comfortable. When people are comfortable in their clothes, they look natural. Each individual has own comfort zone and results in an individual style. Trying new things is always great but it must not be at the risk of comfort otherwise it can harm you. Always remember that most fashionable outfits are comfort and confidence.

Few ways to be comfortable yet look chic

Instead of fitted tops, go for oversized tops or loose-fitting one – Plus size tops can make you feel relaxed and comfortable. This will also help you to fit in the category of style and fashion with comfort.
  • Instead of skin - tight bandage dress, go for free-flowing swing dress – free-flowing dress will always make you breathe easy in comfort. It also looks beautiful and pretty.
  • Instead of high heels, one can go for flats and shoes – Heels actually can't heal your heels, so better to go on flats, whether it is party or casual, one can go for various patterns and style of flats to make your heel comfortable
  • Can avoid wearing skinny jeans and can opt for wide-leg pants and trousers – Skinny jeans can hold you tight, but there is not an issue to go for wide-leg pants as they are at the top of trends. There are a variety of wide pants and trousers which can enhance your comfort and make you look great for any occasion
  • Forget size and focus on fit – we often have a mindset to go for a particular size and ask yourself to fit in it, but actually, it is not necessary to have such a mentality, many a times size varies from fabric to fabric, merchant to merchant, type of outfit, etc. Instead, just click yourself on the appearance of the outfit on you.
  • Get some shoe insole – now this can really work out as a lifesaver, suppose you got to wear wrong footwear and need some help to make your feet comfortable, keep some shoe insole handy to save you from this type of undesired situations.
  • Make elastic your friend – It is assumed that elastic waistbands are out of fashion, but elastics are not only comfortable but creates a great style all over. Note that something like jeggings are often more versatile than jeans as it can be worn with a wider variety of tops
Which girl doesn’t like to look smart and beautiful? All of us like to look chic but one shouldn’t go at the cost of comfort. To go in your comfort zone is no harm as it suits you and thus makes it a fashion. So go comfortable and look fab.