Ecommerce is doing very well today and many people are taking advantage of this to make money online. Those that have mastered the art of doing online business are making good money.

However, it’s not easy to successfully do sell products online and get profit. There’s a huge competition. Nevertheless, identifying the right product to sell is one way to beat this competition and succeed. Ecomhunt is one of the best and most recent tools that will help you in product research.

What is Ecomhunt?

Ecomhunt is precisely described as “a curation of the best new products, every day”. It’s a genuine means of finding hot and winning products online. Further, the Ecomhunt helps its users efficiently hunt for the most productive products for high sales conversion.

Furthermore, it shows its users all the important information about the products. The information include the best working ads run by competitors. That means you have a read-made list containing every possible best-selling product you require in your store. Ecomhunt saves you not only time but also money that you’d have otherwise spent to find profitable items to sell.

Ecomhunt Key Features 

Facebook Ads: As a user of Ecomhunt, you’ll see Facebook Ads for different products.

Product engagement: It gives you important information about product engagement for every associated advert.

Info about Shopify store: Ecomhunt gives shoes you who are selling the winning products on the Shopify store.

Comprehensive information: You get the information together with the dates.


Engagement & Review: This feature is important for helping you know about product engagement. As a user, you’ll get information about the number of people that have already bought a particular product. Moreover, you can see buyers’ reviews of different products bought from AliExpress.

Targeting: With Ecomhunt, you’ll get a lot of details about your target customers. The details include their age, gender, country, interests, etc. These detailed insights will help you optimize your sales conversion.

Facebook Adverts Insights: This is one of the primary features of Ecomhunt. As a user, you’ll have an opportunity to learn about Facebook Ads which are running for a given product. Also, you’ll get links to the product stores as well as adverts associated with them. Additionally, you’ll get other information about the products and actual videos utilized by the store.


Limited products: Ecomhunt should increase the number of products given to the members daily.

Free membership: This membership plan doesn’t have on-demand data. I feel that it should give more insight.

Ecomhunt Pricing

You can access Ecomhunt for free. With this free membership, you’ll get two products every day with limited data. Additionally, you’ll have the daily updated items released to you on day three after the day they are found.

However, to have full access to product data with fresh updates, you can upgrade your membership plan to Pro. You’ll need to pay for this plan on a monthly basis for $29. And, with this subscription, you’ll have more than you need for a successful online business.


Ecomhunt is a suitable tool that will help you identify a profitable item for sale. With Ecomhunt, you’re guaranteed of promising revenue streams as well as high sales conversion. This program has excellent features that you won’t find anywhere else.

Although Ecomhunt’s free membership is still great, the Pro subscription will unlock numerous other benefits for you.