Cycling as a Hobby

Thinking of starting a healthy and good hobby? You might be referring to biking, aren’t you?

Biking is a great activity and exercise at the same as you will be enjoying the ride and will sweat a lot. It can be done alone, with friends or with your family. 

But before you finally decide to go biking, you must know some of the must-haves, so you will be all set up before you pedal to your first destination. 

Cycling Must-Haves to Prepare

1. Bicycle that Fits You

Biking, is not biking without the bicycle itself. However, it is more than knowing that you need a bike. You should also know what kind of bike you will need. When choosing a bike, consider the reach and seat height as this is important to pedal and maneuver the bike. Probably you are an experienced biker, but when doing it as a hobby this time, you would be having long rides, and you would not want to be uncomfortable riding your bicycle just because it is too big for you.

Also, to know if you have the bike that fits you, you must consider the saddle. A saddle plays a big role in making you endure a very long ride. A cushioning saddle that is wide and curved with padding is one of the most commonly used saddles because of the comfortability it brings. 

2. Helmet

This is without a doubt important for any two-wheel vehicle, like bicycle because your balance might easily get lost. You do not know when accidents will happen, and you do not want to risk your head as this is the most vulnerable part that can actually kill us if severely damaged, so buy the necessary helmet. 

3. Right Clothing

With all the long rides and long hours of pedaling, cyclers really sweat a lot, so clothes that will help manage sweat are important. Also, Cyclers clothings are more comfortable to wear than the regular ones as they do not have excess fabric and the fitting is just right with no spaces left for air irritants to get in your body parts. Especially for men, it keeps their most important body part in place. 

4.Other biking Gears and Kits

Aside from the most important ones mentioned above, there are other overlooked biking must-haves that shout for your attention as they might be helpful in specific situations. 

Gloves- Sure you wouldn’t mind wearing gloves or not, but to tell you, it’s important too.

Imagine having your grips to the bike handles while maneuvering it for hours, your hands might get calluses. Also, You are sweating, so there’s a tendency that your hands accidentally slip when holding the handles, so gloves will make sure that even though your hands are wet, they will still be able to bike for hours with no hassle.
  • Cycling Glasses - Most of the time, bikers pedal in the morning when the sun is up and too bright. Thus, any biker might be distracted by the sun. To be able to keep pedaling despite getting directly hit on the face by sunlight, glasses especially designed for biking are a must.
  • Bike Pump - Let’s say you are biking with some people you just met, and you are in the middle of a road where there is no gas station that can help you put some air to your deflated tires. No! That is a nightmare. Thus, better be prepared ahead of time. Make sure that you have with you a bike pump that not just saves your tires but also saves time.
  • Stand for Bike - When you need to pump some air to your bike’s tire, it’s a hassle when you lay your bike to put its tires back to life, and when you need to check if they have enough air already, you will have to make it stand on its own. Oh! Gravity must pull it down!
  • Thus, buy a bike stand for DIY repair and air pumping.
  • Water Bottle - Sweating too much might dehydrate any one, and when dehydrated, you can’t pedal anymore unless you are in a competition. Thus, to satisfy one’s thirst, bring with you a water bottle.
  • Cage for Water Bottle - you cannot hold a bottle of water while riding a bicycle, can you?
Well, unless you have at least 3 hands, you need something that can hold the bottle for you. What’s that? A bottle cage that is attached to your bike. 

5. Biking Buddies

Just like any other hobbies, biking alone is already fun but it will be more exciting when doing it with friends or even with people you don’t know that are into cycling too. You may join a group of cyclers near your area, so you can ride with them. Also, they have regular schedules, usually on weekends, so, you wouldn’t need to plan biking yourself. Lastly, joining a group will surely earn you new friends and buddies. 

Final Words

Doing something fun and at the same beneficial for your health is hitting two birds with one stone. You get to release stress, enjoy and get fit. However, to finally start this hobby, prepare first the must-haves mentioned above and you are good to go. Good luck on your first ride.