The term Mod means a modification or modified and mod app is also known as mod APK which means a modified version of the original application. Mostly application modified for the betterment of its feature application the modification also unlocks the paid features of that application. Now here the question raises is what is APK? So APK is the format used for android application just like in our personal computer we have a .exe file to run any application.

So mod APK is those applications which are modified version of the original application. So that our user can also enjoy the free facilities which are only available to their premium user or those who pay for it. Mods APK has no support from their original developer or you can say this is not even signed by their original this shows that this process is this is understood that this process is not done by their original developer so who is doing that? This is done by the hacker. Yes, this process is done by a hacker who can provide you with all the features of the game for free. But you must be aware that from where you are downloading such applications or games because there is a high risk of viruses with such mod files which can damage your data which is already in your device.

Modded APK is mostly common in android games that any game can be modified in it. Andriod4Fun can also give you the Mod android games services. For example, if you downloaded a game that has so many weapons, cash, coins but you have to pay for it then you can enjoy all the facilities of that game so here the MOD APK can make you enjoy your favorite games for free, they can provide you with the unlimited resources that you do not need to purchase the things that are used in your game the only focus of you is to enjoy your game

Advantages of MOD Android game
· Through MOD android games you can have new and exciting features of games that are a lock in the original version.
· Through APK files you can update the game easily and in a short time otherwise, it will take so long.
· In mod android games you can also access that region which is restricted.
· In mod android games freedom is involved, you can make your game as big as you want and can also give you the best graphics as well.
· One of Example of the mod android game source is Andriod4Fun

How to Download MOD Android App or Games:
o  First, you should have to download the cracked APK and save it in your device
o Then you have to go to your setting from your device here you have to go to security and check the unknown sources from your device
o This unknown sources can allow installation of any an application other than play store
o Now navigate the location of free any file manager to save the APK
o Click on the downloaded APK file and start the installation process
o Now launch the game and run any mod file on your device

Modded file has a high risk of malware but if you desired to play the mod android games then Android4Fun is one of the recommended websites from which you can download the mod android games. Everything related to the app or games is presented in proper detail that you will not face any problem while playing the game.