Facebook advertising is a great tool to let your brand in front of a large number of audiences. If it is effective enough, it increases the likelihood of generating leads and growing revenue. However, if you are not advertising correctly, you may fall into unnecessary pitfalls.

Though you know what you should do to enhance your ad campaign, it’s equally important to know what you shouldn’t. These are the seven common mistakes you need to avoid while running your Facebook ad campaign-

Choosing The Wrong Objective

Many of the newbies make the mistake of selecting the wrong objective for their Facebook ad campaign. The objective you choose focuses on the particular goal for your marketing efforts. And, if you choose the wrong one, it’s just a wastage of time and money.

Suppose you want your customers to install your app, or buy products from your ecommerce store. For these goals, you require to choose a specific objective, such as product catalog sales, lead generation, etc. 

Ignoring The Refresh Creative

Users are likely to get tired of seeing the same creative again and again. Your Facebook ad campaign will be more successful if you refresh the visuals every 15 days or at least a month. Though it takes some time, it will keep the audience coming back to your page to see what’s new. 

Here are some ways to refresh your creative-

Revise The Product Copy

  • Add or remove emojis, price details, or special offers.
  • Turn statements to questions.
  • Change the CTA button from the second person to the first person, etc.

Edit The Image Or Ad Formats

  • Add filters, text, catchy liners, and catchy background effects to the existing images.
  • You can turn the existing videos or photos into a gif.
  • You can rotate between different Facebook ad formats, including a carousel, canvas, slideshow, single image, video, etc.
Besides these tips, you can experiment with what works best for you. Have a look at your competitors’ page to know what they are doing differently. This way, you get to explore new things that you can add to your Facebook ad campaign. Find out how to increase Facebook likes organically by making effective changes to your social media marketing strategy. 

Changing The Ads Too Frequently

Though you need to change a few elements regularly to combat the audience’s fatigue, it is necessary to let the ad campaign run long enough to allow Facebook to optimize them. An active campaign will create a learning phase. It is the time when the system shows your ads to different users to let you know how to optimize them for the best results. During the learning phase, you require at least 40-50 conversions to complete, and you may find fluctuations in the results as well!

Make sure not to make any changes in the ad elements during the learning phase to gather information needed to improve the strategy. If you may edit the ad elements at that time, you may have to wait for another 40-50 conversions to see optimized results. So, patience is a must!

Using A Wrong Image For Your Ad

Choosing the right image for your ad is more complicated than uploading a high-quality image. Facebook ads with images featuring identifiable people are likely to perform better than the ones with generic people or objects. Further, images relevant to your campaign, as well as the target audience, outperform the ads with irrelevant images.

As an image is what the audience sees first, it needs to be engaging. Experiment with different ads with different images and see what works best for you. Once you know what type of image you should choose, it will boost your Facebook advertising campaign’s performance.

Squandering Money On Facebook Ads

If something doesn’t work for the first time, it seems tempting to spend extra bucks to make it work, without even identifying the issue. But, avoid reckless spending on Facebook ads.

Choose an amount that isn’t too low that the competitors may outbid you. Once you observe that ads are generating results, increase your budget slowly. However, if you observe negative results, stop running them as soon as possible. 

Expecting More Results For Less

Not to mention, Facebook is an inexpensive option to increase the reach of your brand. However, it doesn’t mean that you can drop your advertising budget considerably and hope to get the same results. 

Nothing comes for free! So, if you want to see results, you need to put an adequate amount of money along with sincere efforts into your strategy. If you decide to invest in cheap creative or a hideous website for the sake of a little money, don’t expect to generate successful Facebook ads that convert.

Not Installing Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a code installed on your website to track the site visitors. Whenever the visitors return to Facebook, you can target them with your ads to increase the likelihood of conversions. Without this tool, you won’t be able to target them.

Further, it’s pretty common for the customers to delay the purchase. So, it takes several advertisements to appear to their feed before they convert. 

Facebook Pixel also allows you to exclude specific audiences who have already clicked on your ad, purchased the product, or downloaded the content. It saves you from the expenses of courting the customers who have already been converted. 


Setting a Facebook ad campaign is pretty simple. However, setting up a good Facebook as a campaign to ensure desired results takes a little more effort, time, and patience. Once you frame a more targeted strategy while avoiding these common pitfalls, you’ll start more effective in creating ads that generate traffic, boost conversions, and increase revenue.