Fashion & style are the kinds of words that are often misinterpreted by the usual audience. Met Gala and the fashion weeks have made people think that style can only be extravagant, and it is something that's out of their reach. Their misconceptions about fashion have also made them assume that only the elite class and fashion literates can debate about the ins and outs of the fashion trends. 

The stigma around fashion-challenged in the 21st century and the new age of social media has made people conscious about what they wear, eat, or buy to look desirable in the eyes of their followers. Nowadays, people look for affordable and convenient resources to adopt new fashion trends and customize their style statement. Like for style and looks so many things are essential and vary person to person like girls are very touchy about their footwear, and in girl shoes, there are plenty of verity and options for them to explore and wear with their outfit of the day.

What is the Style Statement?

Your style statement is the expression of your personality as it gives you the freedom to be whatever you want just by changing your apparel and overall look. You can either stick to your true self or redefine your looks according to the latest fashion trends.

How Important is your Style Statement?

Your style statement is more than what you wear in society. It tells people about your personality before they even talk to you and leaves a lasting impression on them as we know how important first impressions are, especially when you are meeting someone for an interview or a date. 

From a philosophical perspective, your style statement is the essence of your being and is the declaration of who you are. It reflects your fashion choices and defines how far one can go to fit in the fashion spectrum of society. 

Things that contribute to your style statement

Making your style statement isn't too tricky, especially when you understand the fashion trends along with your personality. An employed individual will have a different style statement than a college student. Moreover, an individual can have more than one style statement depending on the occasion and venue. 

1. Look for Inspiration

Believe it or not, all great things in this world come into being either from inspiration or imagination. Whatever we imagine or envision is a semblance of our inspirations; therefore, the latter is more crucial for an impactful style statement than the former. 

Social media platforms are full of all kinds of fashion influencers and bloggers that target varied audiences. Some influencers prefer to post about a variety of topics as it allows them to create content for their blog more feely.

You can take inspiration from your favorite influencer and follow their guidelines and "how-to" videos to stay in the fashion loop. Their content is free to consume, and you don't need to be a degree holder to understand their simple tips and advice. 

2. Think & Plan

Once you are inspired, try to think and plan your outfits for the whole week. Planning helps you to shop economically and according to the latest fashion trends. 

3. Challenge your Comfort Zone

You might be too comfortable with what you wear and how you wear it, but monotony in your wardrobe will eventually make you look dull. The key is never to settle down and keep tiptoeing out of your comfort zone, especially when you are afraid to step out of it altogether. 

For instance, if you wear clothes inspired by the Victorian era, then don't let it become your constant. Try new styles and designs to avoid monotony in your style statement. 

4. Accessories are Imperative

Your style statement will be incomplete without a signature accessory as they add a certain depth in your overall appearance. A vibrant shoulder bag, funky pair of glasses, or mismatched nail art are some of the things that can increase the impact of whatever you are wearing. 

5. Entertain Capsule wardrobe Idea

If you want to stay in the fashion loop, then familiarize yourself with the idea of a capsule wardrobe. The concept of "capsule wardrobe" came from the fashion gurus as they tried to make fashion more accessible to an average audience. 

It contains all kinds of accessories and clothes that you can wear after doing some mix-matching. It isn't necessary to wear a top with specific trousers or a belt with a particular dress. A little mix-matching can help you get rid off your "what to wear today?" dilemma. 

6. Experiment with Footwear

Many people don't fret over their footwear as they don't consider it as part of their apparel. In truth, what you wear from head to toe is part of your overall look. The variety of female footwear is far more than what we get in male footwear. You have heels, flats, platforms, and several other types of feminine footwear, unlike the limited male footwear types. 

7. Understand your Physique

Every man and woman is conscious of how they look in the eyes of the beholder. People try to change their physique to fit themselves in the beauty standards of society. But a well-thought style statement helps you stay content and happy in your skin without making you stress over your physique. 

8. Redefine your Boundaries

As stated earlier, you don't need to stick to a certain kind of style to stand out among your competitors. You can mix match your outfits and bend your comfort zone as per your needs, but redefining your style takes lots of guts. 

Following specific themes and patterns might be comfortable, but it will make you look dull after a while. Try to incorporate that "wow" factor in your daily outfits and create your fashion trend. 

9. Free yourself

A lot of people restrict their creativity and fashion sense by following some self-imposed guidelines. Age, weight, and height is the kind of limitations they encounter that makes them think that they are not befitting for a particular style or dress. 

No rule says that a woman over 40 cannot wear a jumpsuit, so be free and be bold while making your style statement. 

10. Nail Art Helps

Nail art has got a lot of popularity recently and rightfully so. It is a subtle way to let an audience know about your fashion and style preferences. Unique nail art and matching nail paints can raise the overall esteem of your everyday outfits. 

Bottom Line: 

Creating a style statement is challenging when you restrict your creativity and refuse to be inspired by others. Be bold and fearless if you want to be admired by your peers for your fashion sense. And also follow the fashion trends available around you in your style.