solar panel

Solar panel installation in a booming city like San Diego is the best option if you want to reduce your home’s environmental impact, save on energy costs, support local enterprises, be energy independent, and other various benefits. However, if you are still in doubt about the efficiency of solar panels for your home, you have to go over the major reasons below why you should get your home solarized today.

1. Increase the value of your home.

The overall value of your house will undoubtedly increase with solar panels. A home’s value will increase by $20.00 for each $1.00 reduction in yearly energy savings. To illustrate, you will save one thousand dollars ($1,000) in your annual energy consumption, and your home value will go up by as much as $20,000. Plus, homes with solar panels will be sold twice as fast as non-solarized homes.

2. Follow the clean and green movement.

With global warming becoming more and more evident wherever you go, using solar panels for your home is a great way to follow the whole ‘clean and green’ movement and help save the Earth. Because solar panels create energy from natural sources, there is no probability of emitting carbon dioxide and harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. A cleaner environment means a better place to live for everyone.

3. Cost-efficient factor.

The price of electricity bills is soaring high. More and more people are finding ways for cheaper energy alternatives. Solar power is one of the best sources of renewable energy, and it’s free from the sun! You can power up the entire house at practically no cost to you. Just imagine saving up in free electricity for the next 20-30 years!

4. Save money from the excess energy produced.

Whenever your solar panels generate energy in excess of what you can consume, you can sell these to some companies. You may feed this excess power back to the grid. In turn, the utility company will credit you for any voltage of unused power you supply the grid, and you will be paid yearly or monthly. This is called ‘net metering.’ Utility companies buy back any excess electricity you generate at the exact same rate you buy from them.

5. Get government tax credits of up to 30%.

In an effort to promote solar panel use in homes, the government offers tax credits or rebates of up to 40% as an incentive for those who will install it. These vary slightly from state to state, but QLD, NSW, VIC and SA all over great rebates available. offers tax credits of up to 30% as an incentive for those who will install it. For example, if you spent $1,000 on new solar panel installation, you can reduce your federal taxes by $300. Or you can take the tax credit off the total amount of your entire solar panel installation.

Regardless of where you live in the country, it is a fact that even the poshest suburban neighbourhood still experience power outages. But, for as long as the sun is up and shining, you will continue to enjoy electricity at no cost to you, thanks to your solar panels. Evidently, installing solar panels at home is a great way to ensure your home against continually rising energy prices and other exigencies.