Although more and more Americans are indeed living in multigenerational homes and a big house is justified, this doesn’t mean that you should plunge and move to a big house only because it would seem to be an attractive change in your life. Don’t be fooled about all the extra space that you gain when you move into a big house because when you do that, everything becomes bigger and not just the square footage, but the expenses as well.

Regarding the subject of buying a big house vs. small house, we decided to find the most logical arguments and facts that support the idea of buying a smaller home, and not choose a big house just because it might be beneficial to your ego. A lot of people make this decision strictly based on their ego needs. Save some money for playing no deposit slots!

So, let’s go together through some of the most important aspects and reasons why you shouldn’t buy a big house or at least why you should carefully consider all these aspects before you make the decision.

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Mortgage Is Not the Only Thing That Will Be More Expensive

When you decide to buy a big house, not only the size of the rooms will increase, but the costs to maintain them as well. You are probably already expecting a bigger mortgage because larger homes tend to come with a higher price tag, but don’t forget that no matter how big your house is, you should expect the following:
  • Higher costs for closing
  • Higher costs for furnishing
  • Higher costs in property taxes. To calculate taxes you need to use helpful mobile app
  • Higher costs for utility
  • Higher costs for repairing and maintaining
  • Higher costs for a big house restoration
They all add up really fast, and although you would say you have that money for spending right now, maybe you should consider and think about the financial future as well. It’s a great idea to address a financial advisor before deciding to buy a big house.

A Big House Is Not Necessarily a Better Investment

When you think about how to get a big house, you are probably looking at one of the most expensive investments in your life. Like with every other investment, you need to think about the return. The real estate market can be very volatile and change rapidly. It seems like nowadays the buyers aren’t interested anymore in large homes, as it was once a safe deal but now could be a big loss.

A Bigger Space Is Not Always More Usable Space

Think about it this way: do you really need those two living rooms that will stay empty most of the time? If you buy a home with more bedrooms, just for the sake of having more bedrooms, you will end up with empty space that collects dust and cost a fortune to maintain and repair. It makes no sense in owning a big house if the extra area will be wasted.


Even if you see a big house land shipping for sale in a great location, ask yourself how much of that space you will actually use, and how much of it will go to waste and collect dust. Try to put your needs and financial security at the top, and don’t go for a big house if you do not necessarily need all that.

If you share our opinion about owning a big house, we would love to hear your arguments or what experiences you had with a big house in the past.

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Alex Green is a market analyst that writes content, and he likes to have a window desk at work. Originally from Tennessee, his hobbies include woodworking in his home shop and playing pool with his friends, sometimes even in local tournaments.