Leaf Blower

You have to get the leaf blower if you feel that the season has changed and leaves are taking over your deck and yard. Nowadays battery-powered leaf blowers have replaced the heavy gas-powered blowers and have extensionless cords. 

It provides you the facility of the battery with which you charge it at any place and at any time at your own pace beside it is also wireless. Battery Powered Leaf Blowers allows you to get rid of the heavy maintenance tools besides it also makes you independent to work manually which is very pain suffering and the headache is in addition. 

Types and Specifications of Leaf Blowers.

Leaf Blowers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and specifications and allow you to perform different types of tasks. Following are some Best Battery Powered Leaf Blowers
  • walk behind blowers,
  • cordless blowers,
  • backpack, electric
  • gas powered blowers

Different types of blowers can be differentiated with different types of features such as usability, power source, ease of use and functionality. Commercial Worx cordless leaf blower also available and dedicated to blowing large masses however simple blowers are also in large demand that allows you to perform a variety of tasks such as cleaning out the garage, sweeping the deck, while they can also clean leaves from the driveway. 

Makita XBU02PT Battery Powered Leaf Blower.

Makita XBU02PT allows you to blow leaves very easily. Its rating is 8.9. The dimensions are 9x22.5x19.75 inches. The weight is only 9 IIBS with two batteries. The voltage of the battery is 36V while the battery timing is 30-45 minutes. 

The best thing about the Makita Leaf Blower is that you can interchange its batteries with the other Makita products. And, you cannot do this in case of other leaf blowers. Makita leaf blower comes with numerous features such as a comfortable grip and a strong warranty. We have discussed all the pros of the Makita XBU02PT Battery Powered Leaf Blower. Let’s discuss its cons.

Heavy in size

  • Expensive
  • Kimo Sweeper and Blower.

Kimo Sweeper and Blower is also one of the best blowers. The rating is 8.2. The battery voltage is 20V while the life of the battery is 30 minutes and the size of the blower is only 2.2 IBS. The best thing about the Kimo Blower is that it is portable, usable and compact. Its blow power is surprising in comparison to its size. Its battery charges fast besides the vacuum is also included. Besides the cons of the Kimo Sweeper and Blower are

Not Suitable for Hard Surfaces

  • Cannot use it on the soil.
  • Other Leaf Blowers.

Greenworks BL80L2510 is also one of the best leaf blowers. Its strong power allows it to compete with the gas blowers. Its grip is comfortable, while the recharging time is also fast. Another good things about this blower are that its recharging time is fast, its turbo mode allows it to save your life if you are doing a tough job. 

One of the drawbacks is that its battery life is only 22 minutes. Another of the small, lightweight and flexible leaf blowers is WORX WG545.1, dedicated to performing a variety of tasks. Customer service is also in the pros of this leaf blower while its operations are quiet.