I've heard a lot of buzz about The Kibo Code, with lots of individuals hungry for the new knowledge it'll bring to the online entrepreneurship industry. People be like, "Is this yet another hyped program or there's great change looming?" "Who's the author?" "How much will this one cost?" Blah blah blah.

So I decided to do my research and dish out content that explains exactly what this new course is all about. Stick around.

The Kibo Code — Definition.

The Kibo Code is a yet-to-be-launched, 8-week eCommerce course that aims at educating enthusiasts on how to do business online — in six modules. The 8-week course is marketed as legitimate, highly profitable, and easy to understand, unlike the regular, fraudulent types. Take a look at its expected features below.

A Glimpse Into The Process

You will be trained in six modules for a duration of eight weeks. The skills gained will help you know how to do a profitable business without using Amazon, Facebook, an inventory, or the usual methods. Below is how this works.

1. You're guided in choosing and buying a stellar-quality, generic domain name.
2. Spend the next minute in creating a store with the best theme.
3. Get lessons on how to select the best-selling products from across many niches.
4. Load your new website with these products on the list.
5. Learn how to send instant traffic to these products using methods that haven't been disclosed yet.
6. The products are then sold but aren't delivered by you. We call this dropshipping, and you'll learn more about it inside the course.
7. In the final step, you learn how to keep your customers. This is done through education on optimizing your products list. You have to remove the less profitable products and replace them with the trendy ones.

About The Authors.

The Kibo Code is a brainchild of two people, both of whom are senior online entrepreneurs. Their names are Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth. Aidan Booth lives in Argentina and has been working in the online industry for many years. During this time, he has experienced a lot of downfalls, which he says have made him work harder — and learn more. He has lately become one of the top earners in affiliate marketing and eCommerce. Steve

Clayton, on the other hand, is also specialized in the same fields as Aidan, but faster in action. He never went through the same hurdles as Aidan due to his fundamental knowledge. He made his first seven-figure in the first nine months online.

Parallel Profits, 7-figure cycle, and 100k Factory are the other successful programs that were created by this duo. Clayton is also the former CEO of Fortune 500. He also has SEO skills, which he has added as a free course to the program.

The Cost

The Kibo Code is priced at $ 3,497. To most, this will sound too expensive, but with what is awaiting the subscriber, it's way too worthwhile. This is also the main disadvantage of the course — not many people can afford this amount.


The following are the benefits you'll be enjoying while using this program.

✓ The course will have a 60-day money-back guarantee since it's sold via Clickbank
✓ You can easily understand the teachings as they're presented in simple terms. Anyone can take it up
✓ There are bonus courses, and SEO is among them. You should be cheering!
✓ Eight weeks of learning how to monetize a website fully saves you a lot of time
✓ You won't have to use Amazon, Facebook, and inventories

Is It Worth The Cash

From what is already leaked about this course, it's a legitimate, highly profitable, detailed, and simple one. Rookies, as well as experienced entrepreneurs, can both benefit from it — no one is left out! I endorsee it to you.