Video Editing Apps

Over the years, advances in mobile phones have been so profound that not owning a computer isn't even an issue anymore. Mobile phones, on a basic level, can do what any computer can. 

Send instant messages, send emails, write documents, play video games, etc. It's reliable, portable and a computer, a camera and a phone all in one gadget. Convenience at it's finest. But can mobile serve as a supplement to a laptop or even a replacement?

Since the dawn of movies, Video editing has been there to support the film industry. It started with physically cutting up films and tapping them together with clear tape. With the era of technology at full blast, Video editing had a significant upgrade, migrating to a digital approach of snipping, cutting and putting together different shots as film and video production as a whole moved to become more digital.

Now that the digital age is upon us and more and more people are making a change toward mobile and the convenience that the gadget offers, can people who need to edit videos use their mobile phones to edit videos? Yes, they actually can, and here are some examples of Video Editing applications that are available on mobile devices. You can pair them with audio recording and editing tools and video share.

Adobe Premiere Clip (iOS and Android)

Adobe seemingly has stretched its fingers and interlaced it with mobile devices as they bring their premiere video editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro, and brought it over to mobile. Offering users two modes of editing, Freeform and Automatic, Adobe Premiere Clip gives its users the choice to have some control over their video's editing with Freeform and or just let them take care of it with Automatic.

WeVideo (iOS and Android)

This cloud-based video editing software offers users a wide variety of options for editing once one has purchased the premium version. Although it does have a free version that lets you try out the application, the real magic happens when you opt to buy this program.

Quik (iOS and Android)

From the makers of another famous company, this time a video capturing company, GoPro. Comes Quik. This application is amazingly fast and intuitive when it comes to video editing. In its automatic mode, it can pick out amazing moments from your footage and feature it. It can even add transitions on your behalf. Just like Adobe Premiere Clip, though, it still has a manual option that gives the editor control over their work.

InShot (iOS and Android)

Unlike most of the video editing apps on this list is mostly focused on video editing, InShot has a wide array of things it can do. This amazing program can create videos as well as edit pictures and make collages. Don't think though that just because it's much more than a video editing software that you aren't getting your money's worth if you buy it for $2.99. InShot is insanely easy to use and amazingly simple. 

KineMaster (iOS and Android)

Intelligently designed, KineMaster's interface is very intuitive. It's simple to understand and is jam-packed with amazing features that let you edit your videos with the utmost precision. Like most video editing software, it makes use of the time like feature so layering bits and pieces of footage and effects can be made possible. What's best is that it only costs $4.99 to fully experience the beautiful features of this exciting and in-depth program.

Magisto (iOS and Android)

If we're talking about automation at it's most excellent, then look no further than Magisto. Magisto uses incredible Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology to determine the best moments on your footage. It saves users time from scrubbing through their videos to find the best parts. Clean, polished, and professional-looking. That's what Magisto makes your footage look like ultimately.

PicPlayPost (iOS and Android)

Photo collages, video collages. This simple yet very intuitive application lets you create 30 minute long videos right on your phone! It's exciting ways of collaging, and video editing makes it stand out. Just pick your pictures or videos, make sure your sounds and music don't clash, cause they might, and boom! You have a fantastic video you can show off on the internet. 

Indeed mobile has gone a long way from the only black and white, keypad pressing, and blocky gadget that it once was. It developed into a machine that can produce professional-looking videos that you would think would take hours to do. 

These applications give the average person the ability to create something that usually only a professional could do. With all the basics down, anyone can edit a video. Anyone can do it even on their phones with the assistance of these applications. It's no longer impossible to make beautifully crafted videos on a tight budget because these programs give you that polish at a meager price. 

The world of technology will continue to evolve, and the world of film and video production, as well as the mobile devices industry, will innovate along with it. Let's embrace the fact that video editing has been made more comfortable and more accessible for the ordinary person and yet still respect the craft that video editing is. There's only so much that technology can do when compared to the creative minds of humans, but for now, these helpful apps can get you started and give you a taste of fantastic quality videos without the hassle.