The trend of massages has been popular for a very long time. They have been practiced for over thousand years. There are a number of massages that serve different purposes. Each of them have different benefits that have the ability to give a number of benefits to your body. It has great effects on the body as well as on the mind.

There are more than 80 types of massages and therapy that you can choose from according to your needs. Day Spa in the St John is perfect for this purpose. It has the most trained staff with all the resources.
Which type of massage is best for you?
Choosing the right massage might not be easy as there is a huge list available. The best way to choose is asking your therapist. Let them know what you are exactly looking for.
Here are some of the massages that might be helpful for you to know before visiting your therapist:

Swedish massage
It is a softer massage basically for the purpose of relaxation. It involves long soft strokes which help to soothe out the muscles. This also stimulates the joints and help them relax. It is great for people who are looking to take of the knots out of their muscles. It helps the body to relax and energize it to keep you back on track for the other week.

There are four types of strokes involved in this type of massage. They are as mentioned below:

These are short strokes with cupped hands. Only the end of the hand is involved.

This type of strokes involves only circular movements. This type involves depleting the scarred tissues in your body. It also increase the blood circulation in your body.

This includes squeezing and kneading which helps to relax the muscles.

This type of massage is particularly for the superficial muscles only.

Deep tissue massage
Deep tissue massage is perfect for people who have some very stiff points in the body. It focus on giving pressure on the deeper layers of the muscles. It is also great for people who have some serious tissue damage. It helps to revitalize the tissues. Deep tissue massage is also effective for people who have backache problems. It is one of the best ways to get rid of the chronic pain without inclusion of medicines. Medicines and pain killers show only periodic results. Therefore, going for massages is the best option to go for.

Sports massage
Every type of sports requires a lot of muscle retention. For this purpose, the muscles need to be very strong so they can handle cuts and bruises. Continuously playing sports make the muscles suffer from wear and tear. These muscles need to remediate and sports massage is the best chance for people who play sports.

Chair massage
Chair massages are perfect for travelers. They are on the go massages. They are perfect for airports and among travelers. It lasts for a very small time, however, it is perfect for people who are always on the go. It involves a specialized chair and lasts only 15-20 minutes. It helps to get rid of the stiffness in the body and bring back the flexibility. This massage is specific to the neck, shoulders, hands, arms, and back.

Shiatsu massage
Shiatsu massage has a Japanese origin. Shiatsu means finger pressure. As the name says the massage involves using the pressure only by the fingers. As the name suggests the finger give pressure to the specific focal points. These points are basically the pressure points as identified by the Japanese. They help to give instant relief and release stress from the mind and the body. These points are directly related to blood circulation. This makes blood circulation even better. Click here to get yourself booked.

Thai massage
Thai massage is a complete package deal. It helps to soothe down the muscles, regulate the blood circulation, and it also identifies the pressure points as well. It is also is great for joints as it will help to make it more flexible.

Lymphatic drainage massage
As the name suggests this massage is particularly for improving the capability of the lymphatic system. The help in draining the lymphatic fluid, hence, improving the immune system.