As we gradually embark towards the end of the year, it is a popular time for companies to recognize achievements, benchmark goals, and star performers. One way to honor accomplishments and to celebrate the milestones achieved is through awards. Employees feel proud and encouraged when receiving an award from their place of employment. It is a fact that when people receive recognition from their employer they are motivated to work harder and their attitude improves because they feel appreciated.

There is a very large selection of different types of incentive awards you can give your employees. While may it may seem overwhelming to choose, we have outlined several different types of awards below. 

Crystal Awards

Crystal awards have certain elegance and timelessness. They are popular for their high quality and heavy weight. Each crystal comes in its own satin lined presentation box to add elegance to your presentation. However, due to their expensive nature, they are mostly used for annual recognition programs, service awards, or anniversary gifts. People who are critical to the company’s growth in the financial year are also a perfect recipient of this type of award.

Glass Awards

If crystal awards are not in your budget, the best alternative is glass. They come in a wide array of shapes and sizes and add style and flair to your award functions. Some glass awards also come in satin-lined presentation boxes, but not all – so make sure to check when ordering if that is important to you! If you are planning to give multiple awards in the same category, then glass awards prove to be a cost-effective alternative.

Acrylic Award Plaque

If you want to try something different, you can present an acrylic award plaque. Acrylic award plaques are available in different sizes and designs, which makes them the right choice for your corporate event. 

Acrylic is a transparent synthetic fiber that looks very similar to glass. It is extremely lightweight and shatter-resistant, unlike glass. These plaques have the ability to either be free-standing or hang on a wall. This makes them very easy to display. It also looks great and gives a fresh appeal to the recipient of the award. 

Art Inspired Awards

Art inspired awards are fairly new to the industry and they double as an award and as a piece of art that stands out amongst the rest of the office decor. The exciting thing is they do not take much space and can be placed anywhere. Many of these designs are colorful hand-blown glass awards with no two being exactly alike. Most arts inspired awards to come in their own satin lined presentation box and are an amazing selection for any recognition event and are available at your preferred trophy shop in Indianapolis.

Metal Trophies and Wood Trophies

Wood trophies are available in many sizes and styles. The engraved trophy is popular with both car shows and youth programs – they offer a large artwork area as well as a classic trophy figure. Billboard trophies are popular with both car shows and youth programs – they offer a large artwork area as well as a classic trophy figure.

Jade Glass and Acrylic Trophies

Many glasses and acrylic awards come in jade. It is a very popular color in the awards industry. They come with a slight green hue, which gives them a unique look and feel. 

You can opt for any of these awards or trophies to recognize year-end talent in your company and make your corporate event a grand success!