Roof Racks

Do you always need to carry loads when traveling? Then it is clear that you need a roof rack for your car to enhance your travel experience. However, with a wide range of roof racks to choose from, it is not so easy to walk to the store to purchase or make your order. You need to determine the ideal roof rack that will suffice your travel needs.

This post highlights the seven best types of roof racks that you may need on your travel occasions. You can make your choice based on your needs at hand. Long-term needs may also determine which roof rack you may want to invest in.

These seven roof racks are the best tools you need for all your traveling needs.

1. Thule Complete Crossroad System

Thule Complete Crossroad System
When buying a roof rack for consistent use, you need a durable solution that will serve you for a long time without the need to repair or constant adjustment. That is what the Thule Complete Crossroad System achieves. The roof rack helps to ensure that you get the best service when carrying cargo on your vehicle.

This rack is the ideal solution when you want to carry heavy loads on transit. Regardless of the capacity, the weight cannot wreck the roof rack. You can rely on it for decades of use - maybe you will sell your car and the rack will be as good as new.

2. Vantech Transit Connect

For heavyweight transit, you need sturdy roof racks to ensure that you can reach your destination safely. The roof rack is also able to carry full loads or luggage that needs to spread on a larger surface.

With a carrying capacity of up to 400v lbs (182kg), you can carry almost anything you want on this rack. However, you need to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed on the rack to avoid straining the rack at one point.

3. Pioneer Roof Rack by Rhino-Rack

The Pioneer roof racks are designed for anybody who needs a premium rack solution for their car. With a variety of sizes, you can choose the one that fits your car. You can install a small rack or large platform racks depending on your car size and personal needs.

The Rhino-Rack Pioneer racks are easy to install, durable, free from corrosion and deformation-resistant. With the additional side rails, you can fasten your loads to ensure the maximum security of your goods while travelling. They fit all sizes of loads you may want to carry on your vehicle.

4. Front Runner Slimline II

Front Runner Slimline II
For a more complete roof rack, the Slimline II roof rack from Front Runner comes with the rack, wind deflector, and a securing system to attach the rack onto the roof of your car. Whether your car comes with the OEM roof bars or not, you can be sure that the Slimline II will fit your car.

With a lifetime warranty, expect a high-quality design that lasts for as long as you have your car around. Its extensibility makes the Slimline II the ideal solution for carrying anything from luggage to a roof tent on your vehicle.

5. CargoLoc 2-Piece 52″ Crossbar

For people who carry light luggage, you will need something easy to install, more affordable, and light-weight. The CargoLoc crossbar set is made of aluminum, and you only need to fix them on your car’s roof bars to make carriage easier.

Although the crossbars are incredibly affordable, you can be sure that it is of high quality and durable. With a capacity of 150 lbs, you can use this set for long before you need to replace it with a more sturdy and bigger rack for heavier loads.

6. Highland 2006200 Bar Carrier

For cars that have no rooftops, or vans with gutters, you can install the simple yet durable and robust roof bars to carry large items on your vehicle. The bars are easy to attach to the roof of your car. Made of high quality and heavy-duty steel, you can carry fairly heavy objects (of up to 125 lbs) like your kayak or ladder when going for outdoor activity.

The stainless steel makes your rack more durable. Expect to get a long-lasting service with these bars or until you decide to replace them. The rack is also customizable with a roof basket or rack extensions.

7. Sportrack Sr1002 Roof Rack

Sportrack Sr1002 Roof Rack
For most modern vehicles, the Sportrack roof rack can provide the extension you need for your car to facilitate the carrying of your luggage while in transit. The rack is made up of square bar steel that ensures that you have a sturdy rack for carrying up to 130 lbs on your car rack.

This rack can be used when using your vehicle to carry a wide range of loads. You may need it when going for outdoor adventure activities or transporting items from one point to another.

To Sum it Up

The best type of roof rack you will need to buy is dependent on your needs and available options. For instance, some racks are customizable while others can fit on a range of car models. A more durable rack is ideal if you intend to use your car for many years to come.