We have definitely been blessed with much beauty around us. With forests, mountains, and valleys, there is so much to admire and fall in love with. But it is the sea that really stands out as ultimately the most beautiful thing on earth. True, you can enjoy its serenity and wonder from the beach, but to really understand how majestic and gorgeous the sea is, surfing is your best option. It is not exactly an easy sport, but it is one that will help you see that great blue beauty in a whole new light. But just how expensive is to become a surfer?
Is it an expensive sport to get into?

Not really. Surfing is no more expensive to golfing or skiing; it is actually significantly cheaper than both, as well as other sports. Before we get into specifics, let’s talk about location. Unlike golf, where you will need access to a proper course, which costs money, and other sports like baseball where you will also need somewhere to practice, surfing doesn’t require paying any money for the most part when it comes to location. You just need to find a public beach that allows surfing, and you could just surf away. When you get a bit more into that world, you will probably want to travel places to find higher, more intense waves, but when you’re first starting out, you won’t have to pay anything basically to find a place to surf.

The gear

The surfboard 

The surfboard
The real expenses when it comes to surfing are always related to the gear. There is a ton of accessories that you could get, which will probably improve your overall experience, but the basics are a few, starting with the surfboard. As you can see on cheapsurfgear.com, contrary to popular belief, surfboards don’t necessarily have to be that expensive. There are definitely pricey ones, but those are more suited for professionals who practice this sport at a much higher level. On average, a beginner’s surfboard can cost you anything between $350 and $600, and it will be quite enough for a person starting out.

The wetsuit

The second essential item in your gear is the wetsuit, and this isn’t exactly one you could do without. A decent wetsuit would cost you around $150. There are also more expensive ones, but your budget will be the deciding factor on this one. Some people try surfing without wetsuits, but it is not a good idea as these can help you stay in the water for as long as needed without freezing, plus a host of other benefits.

Basic accessories

Now that you got the two basic major items out of the way, there are some smaller accessories that are equally important. Surf fins are an essential part of any surfer’s gear because these are responsible for stabilizing your board and help you control your trajectory. It will cost around $100 on average, but as we mentioned, it is a must-have item. A tail pad will cost you around $50, and it is another basic item that is responsible for preventing your back foot from sliding off the board while in the water, which is obviously pretty important.



Surfing isn’t exactly a sport that you can learn on your own, not efficiently or quickly anyway. You would be doing yourself a favor and saving a lot of time –– and possibly avoiding injuries –– if you started taking surfing lessons with a professional, which will help you progress much faster. The cost for those varies according to several factors –– location, tutor’s experience, and demand. On average, they can cost you anything between $30 and $100 per two-hour class. This might seem like much, but it will make a huge difference in your learning curve and it is much easier to learn surfing when someone is guiding you.

Additional items

Those were the basic items that you will need to get into surfing, but there are some extras that could add much more to your experience. For starters, you should definitely get a leash, which is basically a cord that you attach between your ankle and the tail of the surfboard, and it serves to keep your surfboard nearby if you fall off it. Surfboard wax is another cool item that will help you avoid slipping when riding a wave.

So, the eventual conclusion is that the surfing lifestyle doesn’t really cost that much. It is definitely not cheap, but starting out with a budget of a little less than 900$ isn’t really that bad, considering how much pricier it is with other sports.