If you haven’t heard about cryptocurrencies yet, you are probably dead for a long time or at least live somewhere on another planet. Even if you really have no idea about this thing, you most definitely heard the word “cryptocurrency”. And the hype and the buzz around it wouldn’t just end up quietly.
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If you still have doubts, let’s explore what it is about and why everyone is getting crazy about it. If you are a beginner, let’s explain everything in simple words. Similar to other currencies, crypto is used to purchase goods and services. However, cryptocurrency is a digital type of currency that uses cryptography to provide safe online purchases. Thus, their work is based on a special technology called the blockchain. This technology is fast as it can spread among many computers at a fast speed. The second positive side of it - using blockchain technology, you can be sure that your transaction is completely safe.

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The most widely used digital currency is bitcoin. Why? It is seen as the currency of the future. It’s getting more valuable, and lots of people want to buy them now, as they might become even more expensive. Besides, it’s independent of banks and inflation; it is easy to use due to its decentralised system. That is why lots of speculators appear. They offer various methods to buy crypto online. Are all of them secure? Unfortunately, not. It’s your responsibility to choose the most reliable and certified service. You can also trust WhereCrypto in this regard.

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