Are you with your latest android smartphone and you are just thinking of how to get the best from it? You have luckily stumbled on the right platform. Here are some of the tricks and interesting ways of maneuvering on your phone. Especially, for those that just dropped their iPhone and are trying to get used to the Android world. These tricks will guide you and make you always want to learn more Android tricks. Follow up carefully as we further this subject.

First of all, we welcome you to the Android platform and we want you to know that there are so many versions Androids from different manufacturers such as Huawei, Nokia, Samsung, LG and so many varieties of apps to download for phone customization on Google Play or some other third party sources.

Also, it is good you note that some Androids look the same but one thing is that every Android has a similar foundation. What you need to do is to first understand your Android phone.

Interestingly, the first thing you need to do before learning Android tricks is as follows: after getting your new Android phone is to set up the Google account (Gmail). Already you should have a Google account and as soon as this is done, you'll have every other Google account sync on your phones such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, calendar, contacts and so many others. An account can be created on your computer before setting them on your smartphone with your login details. Making use of a PC will make the process less stressful and straight forward.

Google is designed to help you secure to help you save your contacts without any risk. If you have lots of contacts, all you need do is to import them to your Google contact from where you can manage them. Just as said, manage it all on your computer before setting it up on your android smartphone to avoid complications.


If you have your contacts in any other format, there are other easier ways to import them and scan for any duplicated contact. So as you advance in your learning and using the phone, always go back to crosscheck if your Google contact is intact and working fine.

Don't think of saving your contacts on your sim card, it's not safe there. Also, you don't need to start moving them to Google one by one. Look for software that can allow you to import all of them in one click.

Master Transfer Software or Google

Some Android manufacturers integrate a system like a master transfer tool or software that can be used for Android file transfer of all your contact in one piece. It's just like a desktop app, but as soon as you get used to your phone, it becomes a part of the phone. Your Android phone can restore a previous backup or backup from. he scratch. Also, it provides you with the opportunity of sending your data wirelessly.

When all these are put in place them, then you can go ahead to learn your tricks and are what Android users are enjoying. Take your time and learn all you can.