Pompano Beach, FL January 14, 2019 — Promero announced today the launch of its SMS Marketing Services. SMS Marketing Services is one of a kind fully integrated cloud-based outbound SMS and voice messaging platform that incorporates artificial intelligent Google Assistant BOT, advanced call routing to live agents and full-service digital marketing services.

SMS Marketing Services provides everything you need to solve four common business problems:
  1. First, the ability to collect customer contact information and then to instantly text, email or send voice messages (for example send coupon, alerts, advisories, appointment reminders, ecards and more) to a large distribution list.
  2. Second, the ability for a customer to receive instant responses to questions by speaking with an artificial intelligent BOT.
  3. Third, if the customer wishes to speak to a live agent for any reason, the platform delivers a written transcript of the text or voice communication to an available agent in real-time. This feature eliminates irritating delays with ‘callbacks’ from an agent. The system also records the entire customer journey from text-to-Bot-to-agent so the data can be used for analytics, evaluation and training.
  4. Fourth, Promero is offering its ‘Done-For-You Marketing Service’. The marketing service is an end-to-end full service digital marketing and advertising service that eliminates the time-consuming task of managing a marketing campaign.
Businesses may select any or all services depending on their individual needs.

Research shows that consumers are text obsessed. Text messages are 134% more likely to be read than emails. Consumers check mobile phones a minimum of 5 times per hour and typically respond to texts within 3 minutes of receiving a text. Text messaging is not just for millennials. It dominates all age groups. Even 60+ year old seniors check their phones at least 3 times per hour.

Free Monthly Service – 100 Text Messages | Text ‘SMSMS’ to 877-835-8800 | No Credit Card Requiredor visit: www.smsmarketingservices.com

SMS Marketing Services combines digital marketing capabilities with mass text messaging, smart targeting based on subscribers data, interests, region or behavior, 2-way/1-to-1 texting, artificial intelligent ChatBot, live agent transfer, auto marketing campaigns, coupon distribution, contact collection templates, drip campaigns, survey voting, appointment reminders, online sign-up pages, mobile keywords, short codes, SMS, MMS, QR codes, data capture, API integrations to CRM applications and more.

“We are extremely pleased to offer SMS Marketing Services. It is a truly unique, one-of-a-kind marketing and communications platform,’ stated Gregg Troyanowski president at Promero. “I’m confident that business who takes advantage of the free service will see the immediate value. Businesses of all sizes can improve customer acquisition derive great benefit and improve communications with their customers.”
ABOUT PROMEROFounded in 2001, Promero is the oldest reseller of hosted communications and call center solutions in the world. Promero has sold more than 2000 customers representing the industry’s leading call center vendors and software manufacturers. These software vendors service more than 1.2 million installed call center agent licenses globally. Promero’s team is a group of highly experienced executives that specialize in call center software sales, service, hosting, custom software developer and mobile application development. Promero works with businesses of any size from SMB to Enterprise Fortune 100 companies. www.promero.com