Hip Replacement Surgery


When compared to the maximum countries around the world, Hip Joint Replacement Cost in India is the lowest. It is one of the most substantial reasons that gave rise to the concept of medical tourism in India. 

The count of healthcare travellers is increasing every year, as people realize that with the lowest price, the quality of the treatment remains the highest. So, you can say, one receives the best treatment with satisfactory results in India. Well, with such high prices of medicine in different parts of the world, the patients are often amused at why the piece is eight to ten times lower in India?

Here, is a complete guide on the reasons lowering the price for treatment in India?

Low-Cost of Hip Replacement in India: Why?

First and foremost thing, before we proceed on why, we should know what the factors determine the cost of a Hip Replacement. So, the significant cost determining factors are:
  • Medicines and drugs
  • Fees of the surgeon
  • Price for stay at the hospital
  • Cost of diagnosis

Wait time before the hip replacement

The primary reason for the high-cost is medicine. A patient has to take the medication before the surgery, at the time of operation, and even after the surgery. So, here is where the price of treatment in India is significantly reduced. 

India is a hub for the manufacturing of medicines. The doctors in the country do not import drugs from anywhere. So, the medicines in India are cheap.

Next, the fees of a surgeon and the medical team are very nominal in India, compared to other parts of the world. Here, the medical professionals give priority on saving life over money so that the maximum people can avail of the benefits for the same.

Per day cost of the stay, even in the top hospitals in India is highly reasonable. So, it also brings down the cost of hip replacement in India. 

Although the hospitals are equipped with the most advanced equipment and technology, the cost of diagnosis remains restricted to 1,000 to 1,500 dollars. It is much higher in western countries like the US, UK, Russia, Turkey, and other states providing the best quality treatment.

Now comes the most important thing and that is the wait time for the treatment. In most of the countries, the patients have to wait for several months to undergo surgery. For the entire wait time, the patient has to take the medicines continuously, and also take up with the periodic diagnosis procedure. It increases the overall cost of the treatment. However, the wait time for hip replacement surgery in India is zero, so the Total Hip Replacement Cost in India is low.

Final Words:

There is no conciliation in the quality of treatment, even if the price is low. So, you can plan your treatment to the country without any doubts. In case of confusion, you can seek help from the medical tourism companies of the country and they will make all the possible arrangements for the treatment.