promotional products

Starting up a business is such a risky undertaking. There are a lot of startup businesses that fail to become successful. However, if your business does become successful, you need to give appreciation to people who helped along the way. Corporate giveaways are a way of expressing thanks to your loyal customers, especially if they have been using your products or services for some time already.

Giveaways also serve as promotional products that carry your brand or logo to remind customers wherever they are that your business exists. Giving out promotional products is also a more economical way of advertising as opposed to placing ads in newspapers, billboards, or broadcast media. Something as inexpensive as a pen with your company logo on it placed on a desk of a person seven days a week will continuously be a reminder for that person about your company and branding. 

It is a good practice for most businesses to give out something when trying to pitch a sale to a potential customer or even when visiting existing clients. You can choose a corporate token that your clients have never seen before. However, the best gifts are often the most practical. Here are some giveaways that can be used each and single day. 
  • Business Card Holders. Almost everybody nowadays has business cards. People give business cards every time they meet another person that they wish to add to their contacts. Business card holders that carry your company logo are good tokens to give away since people will likely use them regularly.
  • Keyrings. People carry sets of keys everywhere. A customized leather keyring with your branding will be a constant reminder to people since once a customer gets to use your keyring, they will be using it daily.
  • Pocket Jotters. If your clients are professionals, they will want to have something handy to write notes or reminders. Customized pocket jotters are a great corporate giveaway idea.
  • Watches. Have you ever known somebody who does not want to keep track of time regularly? Continuously remind your customers with your company logo and branding by giving them customized watches.
  • Luggage Tags. Luggage tags are also ideal promotional products to give out since once a customer decides to put one on their luggage, they will probably stay on for a long time.
  • Portfolios folder. This type of promotional product will appeal to both professionals and customers who are just starting out on their respective careers. Portfolios are practical because they keep photographs and other documents safe and in order. You can have your company name and logo monogrammed on the portfolios you are giving out.
  • Lanyards:The modern professional has a fair number of cards that needs to be accessed quickly and for multiple times a day, such as office access pass, train pass and probably even the Starbucks card. Having a lanyard that is attached to a card holder to hold them all in is the perfect way to bring them around. With your brand or logo imprinted along the length of the lanyard, there's no way anyone using the lanyard would miss it.

Your choice of promotional products to give away to customers will depend largely on your budget. However, these tokens need not be too expensive for them to be appreciated. When a person receives a promotional token and sees the practical value of the item, most often than not, this person will use it every single day. If this happens, you will get free advertising every day. So start thinking about the promotional products that you are giving away to your customers now.