It’s absolutely normal that a businessman wants to get the notifications about the funds transactions and clearly control the financial situation. The Wallet Factory Company present the modern digital solution, developed for various business spheres – b2b application, named mWallet. The unit allows tracking sales (by hours, days, weeks, and even months), controlling bonus emission, getting demographic information about users, and figuring out the involvement level. Wallet owner can create behavioral groups and obtain the reports. Specified software is able to provide even:
  • Product analysis makes it possible to clearly determine the demand for a particular item in different stores at one time or another. You can compare the data, units with affordable prices, and create product groups for analysis, filter them, and designate the time period for evaluation.
  • Cluster analysis is also very useful due to the capability to find out the personal information of clients, decompose real-time transactions, and control the costs. The platform has everything to keep the situation under control; moreover, the group of specialists constantly works on the app development, so the possibility of an error is very low.

Growing of mobile payments

It’s not a secret that the mobile sales channels become the main ones and this leads to mobile payment services increasing and picking up the buying activity of mobile device users. Why do people prefer mentioned paying ways? It’s comfortable (a few screens touches and the money are sent by the system), quickly (it takes a few minutes to pay for purchase), easy (the software is made professionally and without superfluous information), and safe (application has a few protection steps and data transmission channels are made by highly-professional developers). 

The Wallet Factory Company presents a special website with all the required data in the case of the arising questions. The soft itself contains relevant opportunities and allows you to combine all the financial instruments in one single mobile wallet. All these elements make people consider the mentioned above payments as more secure than traditional bank cards.

Experts are sure that consumer habits change quite slowly and it is very difficult to change them without a sufficiently profitable alternative. Modern payments via mobile financial applications become more popular and many people are willing to pay with smartphones, qr code payments or using NFC, instead of digging into a bag in search of a card or dealing with cash. That means only one – such types of paying have become a sufficiently profitable