Cell phones and Computers are now part and parcel of our daily life. We can't think of even a moment without them. The uses of cell phones and computers is increasing day by day. A great business opportunity arises in this sector which includes a lot of potential. One of the most lucrative pieces is repairing the cell phone and computer hardware. The scope of a repair business is increasing day by day with the increase of cell phone and computer use. You can earn a lot of money involved in this business and can start as a beginner but need to invest in gaining sufficient knowledge and skills to not damage devices.

In this situation, you should take a Cell Phone Repair Training, Computer Repair Training, Laptop Repair Training, iPhone Repair Training, Samsung Repair Training and/or CompTIA A+ Training and Certification. What if I told you, you could find all of those courses but in one; an 8-Day Device Masters Course by CellBotics. You can take all the training, or you can choose your desired one to open a business, but nothing tops the Device Master Course. You can earn tons of income with it. However, if you rather start in pieces, CellBotics offers a 40 hour Cell Phone Repair Course and a 40 hr Computer Repair Course. (Device Master)

Cell Phone Repair Training Course (link: https://cellbotics.com/cell-phone-repair-technician-course/)
This course teaches not only an excellent employable skill but also exposes students to the great benefits of entrepreneurship. Through this training, you can learn about how to replace broken glass, a broken Digitizer, broken LCD, the Headset Jack Flex Cable, Charge Ports, the Data Port/Lightning Port Cable Connectors, Home Button Flex Cable, the Wifi Flex Cable, the Power Flex Cable, Mid-Frames, Housing and so much more. You can learn also Tool identification, Safety Procedures, Assembly of high-end smartphones, Assembly of high-end tablets/iPads, CDMA/GSM and so on. Students learn all the necessities to be successful in these Repair Industries after taking this course and it also includes a full training on business!

Computer Repair Training Course (link: https://cellbotics.com/computer-repair-course/)
This course syllabus is designed to assure students high academic success.  The Computer Hardware Repair course is a hands-on immersive development training for Beginners looking to transition into the Information Technology (IT) Field. Through this training, you can learn about how to replace screens, replace broken internal components, housings, soldered in parts, batteries, repair and diagnose multiple issues. You can also learn how to provide regular maintenance, tool identification, industry terms, and meanings, know how the tech guys and gals talk, safety procedures and so on. The Student will be ready to work in the IT Field and/or start a home base business repairing IT equipment after taking this course.

If you attend the CellBotics Device Master Course in Greenville South Carolina, you can earn more than $10,000 a month. CellBotics trains beginners on how to enter the technology repair field. This hands-on, in-person course is a 80 hours over 8-Days on how to fix Android and Apple Phones, Tablets, iPads, Drones, TVs, Laptops, Computers, Virus and more. You can service retail customers and commercial accounts with your own service-based business or go to work for a large company. For example, Graduate Shelby earn $30 an hour and $125 a day in per-dium only 3 months out of class! You can earn more a month with this skill and you open a retail shop which can produce 3-5 times as much as a mobile business, depending on the size of the city. Investment to attend the course is $3400 and includes tools and parts to take home!

The Cell Phone Repair Training side of the course is given by Nicole Russell and Chris Hallford. The Computer Repair training side of the course is given by Michell Cox, Michelle The Computer Lady. The detailed business day is given by the owner Nicole Russell who has extensive experience running companies. This course is jam-packed and worth every penny! Sign up now at cellbotics.com.