An application or a website will not run properly without a back-end development process to support it. The developers take the benefits of each tool for creating an ideal online presence for small and medium enterprises (SME). These applications run seamlessly based on the development platform. This is where your enterprise will need Node.js developers for creating backend development support. Here is what you need to ponder when you hire Node.js developers.

Node.js is used by Tumblr, PayPal, LinkedIn, eBay, Reddit, Amazon, and Netflix. PayPal witnessed more than a 35% reduction of average response time. 85% of web application developers use Node.js. In fact, 43% of enterprise applications use Node.js for development.

Things to consider
·         Adopting Agile methods
The requirements in the IT world change now and then. This is where a developer needs to adopt Agile methods for developing a website or an application for an SME. Even the big brands such as Airbnb, NASA or LinkedIn also follow the same track. It should be followed by small enterprises.

Product development will need the assistance of Agile methods for a proper organization of plans, designs, and tests that will make the development lifecycle more fruitful. it will also aid in simplifying the entire process in a remarkable way.
·         Not only backend but also for frontend provisions

Node.js is considered to be one of the best tools for backend provisions. Despite the facts, it can also be used for frontend development. The technology is used by a major part of the developers’ population. The tools available on this platform can be used excellently to create different kinds of projects such as Gulp tasks, NPM scripts, and web configurations.

Clear code writing
The difference between a novice and a skilled Node.js developer is creating a code. An experienced developer will use clear and laconic code to create an SME online platform. It will be easily readable and reusable. On the other hand, the programming will be object-oriented and can be reused. Well, in most cases, the senior developers do not repeat what they have done before. They follow a DRY principle. It stands for ‘Don’t Repeat Your’ work. They also know the main patterns in the design to be followed so that the other developers can understand them. This understanding will also prevent from getting important sections of code from deletion.

Security features
A Node.js development company will definitely pay more importance and attention to security features of an online platform. It is really necessary to maintain the utmost security of a website or an application these days. There are excellent security tools that a developer uses for such requirements. Steps taken to optimize the requirements are response adjustment in HTTP servers, concurrent request limitations, and module loading avoidance. In most cases, an SME will need a website for conducting business transactions. Sensitive data like payment details, user information, etc need to be protected from the cybercrimes. The hacking attempts will be reduced when proper measures are adopted by Node.js developers. This is where hiring a professional and experienced developing agency will serve the purpose.

Detecting bugs
After the development of a website or an application, bugs will appear during its use. This is where the characteristic of writing codes in a clear way will come in handy. Whether a company has a QA team or an in-house IT team, big detection will be done. In fact, the developer can also do it for the company. To make sure that a different developer can detect bugs, the code needs to be written in a proper and clarified format. This will help to get the online platform free from bugs immediately. The business will not have to face downtime. The outsourcing of Node.js development requirement should be done to an agency that will take bug detection seriously and perform necessary actions on time.

3rd party service integration
A business website will surely need 3rd party services to run smoothly. It is natural that a website will need the assistance of 3rd party services for payment gateway. A website developed using Node.js will allow integration of 3rd party services without any hassle. Make sure to hire a Node.js development company that uses modules to reduce complexity and development time.

Catering to personalized content will also require a database storage system. When you want to hire Node.js developers, make sure that data-storing is properly configured in the application architecture.

These are the points you need to ponder when you are hiring Node.js developers for your SME.