DStv Guide or TV guide for Grass Roots Teasers March 2020 – Upcoming Mzansi Magic, drama series ‘Grass Roots’ teasers, previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for March 2020.
 Grass Roots Teasers

Latest updates Grass Roots Teasers Tuesday 02 March 2020

Episode 09

Funeka continues investigating Gcin'umuzi's death. Bontle takes Asanda on their first date. Monwabisi opens up to Ms Busika. Phakama reunites with his father's family.

Latest updates Grass Roots Teasers Tuesday 09 March 2020

Episode 10

Asanda starts playing and tries for a place in the SA schools squad. Epainette finds incriminating evidence about Gcin'umuzi's death.

Latest updates Grass Roots Teasers Tuesday 09 March 2020

Episode 11

Tau and Carl plot their revenge against Monwabisi and Asanda. Epainette and Funeka have a confrontation and Asanda and Nolwazi have an awkward morning after.

Latest updates Grass Roots Teasers Tuesday 23 March 2020

Episode 12

Asanda and Gog'Selina struggle after the humiliation prank. Everyone at St Sabastian's is upset about a group text message.

Latest updates Grass Roots Teasers Tuesday 30 March 2020

Episode 13

'S1/E13'. Buzwe confronts Funeka. Asanda risks it all for the truth. Ms Busika stands up for Monwabisi. Monwabisi finds out the truth and plots revenge.

Latest updates Grass Roots Teasers February 2020

Grass Roots Teasers for Tuesday 03 February 2020

Episode 05

Asanda gets one up on Monwabisi. Phakama gives Asanda and Monwabisi a kasi experience. But we try to get Funeka to stop investigating Gcin'umuzi's death.

Grass Roots Teasers for Tuesday 10 February 2020

Episode 06

Nolwazi confronts Buzwe about his treatment of Epainette. Asanda heads back home to confront his father.

Grass Roots Teasers for Tuesday 17 February 2020

Episode 07

Asanda goes for his initiation in Centane. Funeka's health deteriorates. Buzwe finally tells Epainette about his intentions.

Grass Roots Teasers for Tuesday 24 February 2020

Episode 08

Monwabisi is angry with his mother. Asanda writes a letter to Funeka. Coach Viljoen has a change of heart. Buzwe wants Funeka to respond to his proposal.

Grass Roots Teasers for Tuesday 06 January 2020

Episode 01

Two arch-rivals, Monwabisi and Asanda, from a small town in the Eastern Cape compete for a sporting scholarship to attend a prominent private high school in Johannesburg.

Grass Roots Teasers for Tuesday 13 January 2020

Episode 02

Behind her husband's back, Epainette travels to Joburg and goes to St Sebastian's to meet with the newly appointed headmistress, Ms. Busika.

Grass Roots Teasers for Tuesday 20 January 2020

Episode 03

Monwabisi and Asanda are at the mercy of the senior boys as hazing season gets underway at St. Sebastian's.

Grass Roots Teasers for Tuesday 26 January 2020

Episode 04

Tau and Carl have to face the music after the hazing incident. Tension rises between Asanda and Buzwe.

Other Mzansi Magic TV Guide

From Musa Mseleku taking you on a journey of men consulting their wives about their decision to wed a second wife, to a drama about a high-flying lawyer who is at the crossroads when he realizes he comes from a long line of witches, Mzansi fans can look forward to some entertainment to soothe them from their worries in January.

In its first season, Mnakwethu, presented by Musa Mseleku, will hit the small screen on 7 January and will take a closer look at the real dynamics that come with polygamous marriages through the lens of the first wives.

The Omen Season 1 will see Lesley Musina, who plays the role of a high-flying lawyer, having to decide whether to remain a family man or give in to his calling and turn to the supernatural world of witches.
“Our subscribers can look forward to captivating and exciting local content on Mzansi Magic and Mzansi Wethu in the New Year,” says Philly Kubheka, the Head of PR and Publicity at Local Entertainment.

Also new to Mzansi Magic viewers in January is Kwa Mam’ Mkhize Season 1, a reality show that follows the life of mother, sister and business mogul Shauwn Mkhize. Our sports drama, which tackles some of the real issues experienced by many in society Grassroots will take you deep in the rurals of Eastern Cape. We are also bringing for the viewing pleasure of our audience Marry Me Now Season 1 on Mzansi Wethu.

More for Mzansi Magic viewers in January is Old Mutual Amazing Voices and Ackermans Style Squad, these reality shows will unearth talent as well as entertain audiences. Be sure to catch these shows this January: