When you are investing in a cloud-based intranet software or doing some customization to your existing intranet software, you should focus on the end-users - your employees. In addition to building an excellent experience for your employees you should also consider using your easy intranet software to fulfil other strategic purposes within your organization.

It has been found that some leaders using an intranet in their organization are not aligning the intranet to the objectives of their businesses. When there are no alignments and no direction to your goals, you cannot make the best use of your intranet. In fact, investing in intranet and easy intranet software without direction will be a waste of time, money and other resources. So, always consider the following:
  • What are your strategic, short-term and long-term objectives as a business?
  • What is the role an intranet can play in achieving your objectives?
  • Are you aligning your intranet to the objectives of different individual units of your business?
  • How can you measure the success of your intranet? What are the benchmarks in place to measure the ongoing performance?
  • Are you regularly reviewing your objectives?

What will be your strategic business goal? You might be thinking about international expansion. Are you investing in intranet software that can support your globalized workforce? It should provide important features such as:

Ability to collaborate across different time zones.

Remote access

Or, maybe you are planning to undergo some major business changes. In this case, the transition should be easy for your employees and management. Your intranet is the backbone of internal communication. You are going to use it to communicate these changes. The engagement over the intranet must be maintained. Your intranet solution should be able to uphold the culture and vision of your organization whether you have always had a system in place or you are just setting one up. Set aside some time to draw a connection between wider business goals. This makes sure you get the return on investment and your intranet remains a valuable tool for your business.

Focusing On a Remote Workforce

Remote working and flexible working are well-established concepts now. And then there is the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). When people are using different devices and working from different locations, think about your needs. Think about the needs of people working remotely. Your intranet software should be able to support them. They should be able to access all the vital applications and information without restriction. Their locations and devices should not matter. There should be native Android and iOS apps for your intranet so that remotely working people can access the intranet even if they’re on small devices. This makes it easy to reach your dispersed staff. They can be working remotely, out on the road or on the shop floor. You can reach them when there is a crisis. You can manage the response efforts and confirm staff safety. These things can be difficult when you have a large workforce working in many different locations.

When you are investing in easy intranet software, make sure that it comes with a special employee alert system to send urgent messages. Communication should occur across multiple channels during the crisis. You just need to compose a single message within your intranet and send this message to all employees via SMS, email, push notification or display banner.

This multi-channel approach can be more useful when coupled with a confirmation mechanism. The sender should be able to see who has seen the message. This helps in saving valuable time when it matters.

Modern workplaces are becoming more and more digitized and mobile. This is the reason why the needs and wants of businesses are increasing. So, your intranet infrastructure and easy intranet software should be able to meet your needs. Your employees should be able to access information and tools from different locations using different devices.