Hunting Trip

Having a reliable and lightweight hunting pack that contains all of your necessary stuff is very essential. Take note that your body has high risk of suffering from fatigue if you hike for how many hours – how much more if you are carrying a heavy hunting pack full of unnecessary things? To get the most out of your hunting trip without carrying a lot, here are the duck hunting essentials that you should pack:

Hunting License

Place your hunting license inside a plastic bag to safeguard it from damaging elements. Your license needs to be in great condition in case you encounter a game warden on the way to your hunting spot. GunHub recommends that you also retain a photocopy of your licence within your vehicle and on your person in case you lose your licence whilst outdoors. 

Rain Gear

Your rain gear should be made from a material that has the ability to wick away moisture. In the event that you’re hunting on the mountainside and it is snowing, there is a possibility that your layering system will get wet. This will provide gateway for hypothermia and even if you don’t want to, you will need to cut your hunting trip short. 


A reliable headlamp is very helpful if you want to dress an animal in a dark setting. Look for a lamp that is lightweight and offers long runtime and alert mode settings such as SOS and strobe in case of emergency. 

First Aid Kit

It is essential to have a small first aid kit when hunting in case you cut yourself using a knife or get a blister on the tip of your heel. The kit doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can place simple yet helpful items such as anti-itch cream, 2-3 small, medium, and large ban-aids, hand sanitizer, antibacterial cream, and paracord. 


Water is one of the most vital things that you need to get through your hunting escapade. You should have a dedicated space in your hunting pack for water. To minimize the space it takes up, you can place your water supply inside a bladder. You can also use platypus collapsibles as backups since you can easily tuck them in the lower portion of your bag.


There are animals that are far better to hunt during the night, which is why it is always a great idea to bring a flashlight that has 300 plus lumens to clearly see your path and surroundings.


Whether you are a novice or experienced hunter, having a quality field dressing knife is a must-have in your daypack. See to it that your knife has sharp and strong blade if you are hunting. It should also be easy to use and clean.


Rangefinders are tiny and lightweight devices. It is vital to have a rangefinder when you are out hunting to ensure that your shots are on-point and ethical. 

Fire Starter & Lighter

You never know when you might need a fire starter or lighter but it pays off to bring one when hunting. You can use it to build fire, track animals, or call attention in case you get yourself hurt.