There was a time when Google was not familiar with many people and there was no concept of sending a fax with google. Well…! That was the past, countless things have changed until now. Google has made itself a brand. With it’s great and unique products, the world is going to change, fast and informative. 

There was also a time when people keep their fax machine ON for 24/7 to receive and send a fax. That was a headache because a lot of expenses was output. But now you do not need to arrange any machine and paper to send and receive a fax (find a fax service).

The communication sources are going to be more reliable, fast and easy. But some people still think that fax is dead and it is nothing. But, I think they don’t know that It is still the most important and largest source of communication for many brands. 

That’s why today I’m going to discuss an easy and fastest method to send and receive thousands of faxes in just a few clicks. Believe me, you will be surprised after reading this guide completely.

There are multiple online fax service providers available out there. But today I’m going to tell you about a huge name which has a great reputation in the market by providing it’s flexible and user-friendly of fax. Thanks to CocoFax, now you can send a fax through your Gmail account, laptop, and any other smart device which is connectable to the internet. 

Yes, CocoFax has built a great system to provide all alternatives to send a fax. CocoFax is providing a Google fax service for you, now you can guess how easy it will be to send a fax by using your smartphone or computer device.

Now you do not need to keep your machine online for 24/7 to send and receive faxes from your clients, workers or colleagues. With CocoFax you can do it any time on any device. 

What is CocoFax?


CocoFax is a Next-Gen online fax service provider that helps you to maintain your business by providing a fast, secure and reliable facility of sending a fax. Cocofax is recommended by many other great brands that prefer to send important documents, pictures, and other files. 

Life Hacker, Forbes, Android Authority, CNET, PCMag, TechRadar, Toms Guide, Digital trends, Life wire, etc recommend CocoFax to send and receive faxes because it is the fastest and reliable platform to avail the fax facility.


CocoFax is providing great facilities, which any other fax service provider could not challenge.

I would like to mention them to you.

  • Free fax number
  • Email to Fax Solutions
  • Delivery Reports for Faxes
  • Safe & Encrypted Faxing
  • Permanent storage
  • Smartphone faxing
  • Mobile App
  • 5 Email Addresses
  • 24/7 Live Support

Visit CocoFax's official website for more information about CocoFax’s amazing features.

CocoFax’s amazing features
Now let’s talk about how easy it is to send a fax by using your Gmail account.

How to send a Fax with Gmail

I would like to tell you an interesting thing that, Gmail is not the only option. With CocoFax’s fastest and flexible system you can send a fax with any email service provider. 

To send a fax through Gmail first you need to have an account, laptop or computer, and the internet. 

Step 1) First of all sign up for CocoFax 30days free trial.

Step 2) Choose your free fax number and sign up

Step 3) Now, if you have completely signed up with CocoFax, then you can see your Dashboard. If you want to send a fax directly from CocoFax’s dashboard then you can also do that by just simply clicking on the send Fax Button and add sending details. 
Step 4) log in to your Gmail account, which you used for signing up for CocoFax. Click on the “Compose” button, which will at the top left side of your screen. A pop up will appear on the right downside of your screen. Click on the “To” section.

In the “To” section you have to enter the fax number of your receiver with the ending words For example: If the fax number of your receiver is 987654 then you have to enter it like [email protected]

Click on the “Subject” field, which is an optional field. We mostly use it to give a specific title to give a guess to the receiver about the received fax or mail. You can leave it empty.

Now in the “Body” text, you can enter details or any other message, which you want to send with your file. You also leave it empty like the “Subject” field. Now the final task is to upload your file. Click on the upload option and choose the lucky file from the destination folder.

Step 5) Hit on the “Send” button and you are ready to go. Now, everything on CocoFax. CocoFax will read it and convert it into a fax by sending it to your receiver s number. 

If your receiver is using a fax machine then don’t forget to remind him about keeping his machine ON. Yes…! If the receiver’s machine is OFF then, the fax will not be sent and a sending failure message will be received by CocoFax on your email address and on your CocoFax’s dashboard.

I will prefer you to use only that email address which is highly in your use. Otherwise, you can miss the alerts of received mails and many other notifications which could be important for you.


Look…! How easy it was to send a fax through your simple computer without having a fax machine. Now the world is changed and superb alternatives are available in the market. Avail them and enjoy the fast ways of communication. 

Fast response is key to success in business and you probably do not want to take a chance of delay while communicating with one of the best clients or partners.