A credit card is a necessary financial tool which can make people’s lives easier and smoother. Lending institutions offer customised credit cards with innovative features and benefits for clients. If you want to apply for one with such benefits, the first essential step is to select the appropriate and best credit card which matches your lifestyle.

Approach a reliable financial institution and look for features that can meet your lifestyle requirements. Here are a few things to choose the best credit card in India.

1. Flight tickets

Financial institutions offer credit cards for those who frequently travel by air. Known as travel credit cards, these give you travel miles when you use the same to purchase air tickets. You can then redeem these rewards to buy future air tickets at discounts.

Some standard credit cards also give the option to convert the reward points into travel miles.

2. Fuel usage

Similar to the above, there are fuel credit cards for those who travel short or long distances every day. These cards can make their fuel purchases affordable.

Using these types of credit cards to buy fuel helps you accumulate reward points. These points are redeemable for discounts on fuel purchase. Again, you often have to pay a surcharge when buying fuel with credit cards. However, fuel credit cards give you complete or partial fuel surcharge waiver.

3. Entertainment

Credit card companies also have options for frequent movie-goers. Entertainment credit cards provide discounts and cashback when you use this card to buy movie tickets. You can even get ‘buy 1 get 1’ offer on movie tickets with some credit cards. 

4. Retail

Retail credit cards are co-branded - financial institutions offer these types of credit cards in partnership with retail companies, both online or offline. Using the retail card to purchase products from those sellers gives you high reward points, discounts, or cashback.

These are some of the widely available credit cards in India. The best credit card in India currently is the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard. It’s a one credit card combining the power of 4.

Some of its exclusive features include:

1. Zero-interest emergency personal loan

One of the industry-first features that this credit card brings is a zero interest emergency personal loan. You get the option to convert the unused credit limit of your card into an interest-free personal loan for up to 90 days. You can repay the loan in 3 easy EMIs later.

2. ATM cash withdrawal at 0% interest rate on repayment

Withdraw from ATMs freely without the need to pay any interest on its repayment. The cash you withdraw is interest-free for up to 50 days. It is another industry-first feature of this card.

3. Welcome bonus

The SuperCard gives up to 20,000 reward points as a welcome bonus on applying for it.

4. Milestone bonus

Receive up to 20,000 reward points when you spend Rs. 3 Lakh in a year. Crossing the Rs. 5 Lakh mark in a year will get you additional 20,000 points.

5. Reward points

Another reason why the SuperCard is the best credit card in India is that it gives you up to 2 reward points for every Rs. 100 that you spend online or offline. Furthermore, you will receive up to 20 reward points for every Rs. 100 that you spend overseas or when dining.

6. Offers on movie tickets

You either get 10% discounts on movie tickets or receive one ticket free when you purchase another.

7. Airport lounge access

Access to airport lounges requires you to purchase business class air tickets. However, you will receive up to 8 complimentary accesses to such lounges every year with these cards.

8. Fuel surcharge waiver

Purchase fuel with the credit card to earn reward points without paying any surcharge. The SuperCard gives you fuel surcharge waiver of up to Rs. 200 per month.

9. EMI product financing

Last but not the least; you get the power of converting your purchases into EMIs with the SuperCard.

So, if you wish to apply for credit card quickly, you can approach Bajaj Finserv for their exclusive pre-approved offers on credit cards. These offers not only simplify the process of availing finance but also save time. You can also enjoy these pre-approved offers on home loans, business loans, personal loans, and an array of other financial products and services. Check your pre-approved offer by providing only your name and phone number.

Make sure to compare the interest rates and additional charges before you choose the best credit card in India. Go for the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard as it can make your life easier.