wears contact lenses

A great percent of the population wears contact lenses around the globe because they offer freedom from spectacles and are a lot more convenient. If the lenses are worn correctly, they are safe. However, if they are not worn correctly, they can be dangerous. 

One should avoid wearing lenses longer than they can be worn, and this is one of the most common and the riskiest practice a number of contact lenses wearers follow. So, how long can you wear your lenses? The contact lenses 4us.com offers a variety of lenses that can be worn for a day, a week, 15 days, a month and so on, that too, without any prescription. 

For How Many Hours in a Day Can You Wear the Lenses Safely?

The majority of people can comfortably and safely wear lenses for 14-16 hours a day. It is always best to remove them before you go to sleep at night to let your eyes breathe without lenses. 

Some people, specifically the ones who suffer from the chronic dry eye, should wear the lenses only for a few hours during the day. You should take out the lenses in the evening or as soon as they start feeling uncomfortable. For people who have sensitive eyes, contact lenses especially meant for dry and sensitive eyes should be chosen. 

For how long can you wear the lenses depends on the type of lenses you buy. There are daily disposable lenses, extended wear lenses, two week disposable lenses, and monthly contact lenses. 

Daily disposable lenses – For people who are prone to developing allergies from regular contacts, daily lenses are suitable. Wearing a new pair of contacts every day keeps the natural substances in your eyes from building up and causing irritation. 

As the name suggests, these should be worn for only one day and then disposed of. So, these lenses do not need any cleaning or storage. Since you do not have to invest in a cleaning solution, they are a more budget-friendly option.

Extended wear or night and day contact lenses – You can wear these lenses for 24 hours at a stretch, even when you are sleeping. You must consult your optician to confirm if these lenses will suit your eyes. 

People who are looking for a more convenient alternative to clear vision should try this. Some lenses can be worn for 7 – 30 days as well. If you need lenses that do not require much maintenance and cleaning, these should be your choice. 
  • 2 week disposable lenses – These lenses can be work for 2 weeks. They need to be cleaned and stored for next day use. You will have to remove them before sleeping at night. These lenses are more affordable and are made of comfortable material.
  • Monthly contact lenses – You can use these lenses every day for 30 days and then discard them. However, these lenses need proper. They need to be disinfected properly and cleaned after you remove them each day. You should not wear them while sleeping. These lenses are cheap as compared to daily disposables but need a lot of care.