email marketing

Anyone who runs an internet business knows that email marketing is one of their best tools for increasing revenue, but how good is it for hotels?

You might not have considered email marketing as a hotel owner or manager. Still, it’s just as effective in driving sales for a hotel as it is for any other type of business that relies on paying customers. If you want to increase your hotel’s occupancy rates, you can’t ignore the benefits of this type of sales technique.

1. Increasing room occupancy

Email marketing has a massive return on investment, estimated at $38 for every dollar you spend. This makes it a very lucrative marketing strategy indeed! The trick to email marketing is to catch a potential guest’s eye with the subject line and then follow up with an email that clearly shows them what they are missing! 

Imagine someone sitting at their desk and daydreaming about being far away from work when your email lands in their inbox. The images you include in your email will instantly show them the adventures and experiences they could enjoy if they book a holiday with your hotel today. When they click on your embedded link to visit your website, you can continue your marketing pitch that inevitably leads them to your online booking page.

2. Promoting special or limited-time offers

If your bookings are down or you want to promote a limited-time offer, you can easily use email marketing to spread the word. Guests and potential guests who have agreed to receive your emails by subscribing to your email list will be more than happy to learn about discount offers or special holiday packages. 

With this type of marketing, you don’t want to send along an exhausting email because you need to get their attention straight away. Simply create a postcard image related to your offer, add a few words of copy to showcase your offer, and provide a link to your landing page. Examples of images that could be used are a beautiful sunset over the sea for a relaxing holiday, a couple enjoying a romantic dinner for Valentine’s package, people hiking, swimming, or walking along the beach, or even just relaxing with a cocktail; match the image to the offer and watch the bookings roll in!

3. Promoting your location and guest experiences

If your location is special—for example, you are near the ocean, mountains, rainforest, or a well-known and well-loved area—email marketing can help you promote these features. Highlighting local events and experiences that your guests can enjoy during their stay will help them imagine themselves at your hotel. 

The trick is to create packages for guests who want to experience what your location offers, such as hiking, shopping, or a romantic weekend. Linking your hotel with everything fabulous about your area attracts interest and increases your revenue.

One final tip is to offer exclusive member discounts to guests via these emails, repaying their loyalty and encouraging them to return and spend more time at your establishment. Email marketing is all about connecting with your audience and providing them with positive experiences that will benefit both themselves and your hotel.