Toilet papers are part of the large tissue paper family. It is also one of the most important. In our everyday life, we use it at least once or twice every day.

You cannot forget how useful or handy they can come. For example, if you are on a trip and there is no hygienic bathroom, bamboo toilet paper is a must.


We all know how the environment around us is changing every day. Not only do you have to struggle for finding clean fresh air. But also you need good hygiene to keep yourself free from unwanted bacteria-related diseases. 

From hygiene, viewpoint paper towels are far better than air dryers. In places like hospitals and clinics hygiene is paramount. 

Late professor Hans Rosling said the last outbreak of cholera in chile could have been avoided if they didn't use the same dirty textile kitchen rags. Perhaps paper towel towels would have been useful in avoiding this tragedy. 

Isn't paper bad for the environment?

To simply put no, they are not. 
The renewable wood fibres which are used in the making of paper towels literally grow on trees. They mainly come from sustainably managed tree forests. They grow trees like crops. Make sure saplings are carefully replanted. 

Recycled fibres also play a large role in the tissue paper industry.
Wood fibres naturally degrade after 3-5times of recycling. So you constantly need new fibres in the system.

Some companies have policies like if they cut one tree they plant 2 more saplings. And most importantly they don't cut natural forests. They grow them in a large contained area. 

Trees literally come from thin air:

Believe it or not, that is true. Trees don't grow from the material under the ground. If it did there would be large holes around each tree. Trees actually process air using sun energy via photosynthesis. In the process splitting the atmospheric carbon dioxide into components. Leaving the oxygen out in the air. The carbon turns into carbohydrates which makes the cellulose fibre. 
While a tree grows it removes tons of CO2 from our atmosphere. 

As you can see trees grow literally from the air and you shouldn't worry while using the toilet paper thinking you just killed a tree.

Technology and science together make a thin and light functional piece of paper:

Best of both worlds to put simply. If you try to use regular paper as a paper towel god knows how many rashes you are going to end up with. let's not forget all the germs that are in the paper. 
Toilet paper or any kind of tissue paper solves this issue completely. 

Is it healthy?

There are many debates about it. While doctors agree that regular old toilet paper might become problematic in the long run. It can leave rashes or other health problems. But wet wipe eliminates that issue.

Wipes are certainly inferior to water. But they get the job done without any inconvenience. We are not here to debate which one is superior to water or toilet paper. 

We are here to discuss the benefits of using them where hygiene is not possible. There are no better alternatives for toilet paper where normal hygiene or water is not available. They are disposal cheap and have no germs on them.

Before you buy toilet paper for your house. You should buy toilet paper for septic tanks. They are water degradable toilet papers. Once you flash them they will disintegrate inside the septic tank. Leaving no block in the sewer system.