Builders generally utilize epoxy floor applications where there is a demand for floors that offer a high-performance solution. Epoxy floors have several characteristics that make them ideal choices in various commercial uses.

Uses For Epoxy Floors

Apart from being one of the strongest floor coatings, epoxy floor possesses other properties that make them well-liked among development owners and builders alike.

Utilized For Store Display Floors And Lobbies

Epoxy floors can give a space a professional look. The floors are available in a range of standard colors, or you can opt for a professional mixing custom color upon request. Another preferred look is epoxy floor coatings that have decorative chips included in the finish. These floors often present a glossy surface that can enhance the brightness in a room by up to two hundred percent.

Utilized For Warehouses, Garage Floors, Factory Floors, Covered Porches And Hallways

Epoxy flooring is among the most durable coatings available for concrete floor surfaces. It is abuse-resistant, which makes them perfect for industrial applications. 

Floors that are coated with epoxy is able to withstand heavy traffic and do not necessitate maintenance apart from sweeping and mopping. Besides the low maintenance, epoxy is resistant to many substances that include gasoline, water, oil, bleach, transmission fluid, cleaners, and various other chemicals.

Utilized In Cafeterias, Hospitals, And Restrooms

Another distinctive feature of epoxy floors is their resistance to germs and bacteria. Utilizing epoxy floors in applications where cleanliness is crucial is a well-preferred coating because they are easily sanitized.

Utilized In Areas That Must Adhere To Environmental And Safety Standards

Epoxy floor coatings conform to various environmental and safety standards. They also protect concrete floors and offer easy maintenance and excellent durability. You can make the most of your area by using adjustable wall mounted rack systems for storing tools safely and out of the way.

Supercharged Floor Coverings That Are Epoxy-Like

In some scenarios, you may necessitate a commercial floor finish that is more durable than epoxy. In such a case, you must consider a Polyurea Polyaspartic coating application. This type of coating is an advanced technology which is similar to spray that is used for truck bed liners and is four times more durable than conventional epoxy. 

It is more abrasion-resistant than urethane or epoxy and can withstand high temperatures after curing. Polyurea is a polymer that forms a rubber or plastic-like compound. It is utilized as the primer coat, and if desired, you can add decorative flakes into the mix for texture. A polyaspartic coating is applied over a layer of primer. 

The polyaspartic coating is combined with the Polyurea to form a surface that prevents the issues that can occur when utilizing a Polyurea coating on its own. Polyurea Polyaspartic coatings can be used outdoors and indoors and are nearly free from odor, and generates deficient volatile organic compounds. Another perk of this system is that it cures exceptionally quick, and contingent on the size of your project, the area, can often be used the day after installation.