Criminal Defense Attorneys and Lawyers

If you are looking for legal help due to a difficult situation in your life, then Joseph Potashnik & Associates Law Firm is your best option. Our legal firm started in 2006. Since then, we have worked hard to provide our clients with personalized legal services. We are a well-known and experienced law firm in New York. We have won an excellent reputation for our determination to win our cases and get positive results for our clients. We can provide our services to an individual person or a corporation.

Reasons to Choose Joseph Potashnik & Associates

We have more than a thousand successful cases with positive results.

Our law firm handles a variety of cases such as Criminal Defense, Federal Crimes, State Crimes, Government Investigations, Federal Investigations, Audits, Professional License Defense, among many other areas.
  • We have been helping and defending people for fourteen years.
  • Complicated cases are our specialty. We work hard to get the best outcome for your specific case.
  • Our clients can be individuals and even corporations.
  • We will even take our cases to a jury if it is necessary.

Criminal Defense

Our law firm can help you with several crimes which include health care fraud, cyber crimes, sex crimes, financial fraud, tax fraud, medical fraud, and many other types. We know the New York criminal process and will help you get out of the situation as soon as possible. Allow us to be your legal guidance and fix the situation as soon as possible. It is important to not talk about the case with investigators or detectives, first, contact Joseph Potashnik & Associates PC and hire your criminal defense lawyer.

Federal Crimes

These types of cases are very difficult because federal agencies have access to practically everything. Their powers are unlimited. Don't worry our attorneys have lots of experience and have won many cases. Federal agencies work together and join forces but you will have our full support. It is recommended not to talk to them and expose yourself. The first step in this process is that a jury will determine if there is enough evidence to start a trial. If they confirm that there is enough evidence then you will be charged and a trial will begin.

State Crimes

We can provide you legal assistance in local courts for misdemeanors and felonies that you have been charged for. We have been defending New York citizens and surrounding areas for many years with successful results. Joseph Potashnik & Associates is the New York Law Firm that you can trust. We have won many cases and we can certainly help you. Our criminal defense lawyers will let you know with complete honesty what can be done for you. We have won many cases and gotten many positive results.


You can be subject to investigation of many departments from federal departments, the state or government. No matter which type of investigation is being developed, you need to find legal guidance and make sure you protect yourself and verify what needs to be done. Many departments might start an investigation without you knowing it. Joseph Potashnik & Associates can help you clear your name and defend your rights. It is not easy to clear your name alone and that is why you need to find a criminal defense attorney to investigate your case and fight any investigation in your name.

Professional License Defense

If you have had legal issues and think you might lose your professional license, then Joseph Potashnik & Associates Law Firm will help you fight for your license. The licenses we can help you with include physicians, nurses, dentists, social workers, pharmacists, psychologists, physical therapists, and many more. It is important not to lose your license, we know how hard you have worked to get it.

A criminal defense attorney will fight for you and your rights. You will get a better outcome than getting a public defense attorney who has several cases to manage. Being sentenced will cost you much more money in the end than the money you would spend on a criminal defense attorney. We work hard day and night to get a good outcome for you. We work hard to get the case dismissed but when it is not possible we get a deal that will prevent or reduce jail time. We will be completely honest with you and let you know what the outcome of your case may be. Contact us for a case evaluation. Write to us online, give us a call, or drop by our legal firm.