Cotton bedsheets

Cotton bedsheets are the most sought after types of bedsheets in the market. They are soft and provide the ultimate comfort to the users while sleeping. A vital parameter that every buyer must look into when buying cotton sheets is the thread count. Here, you will be able to know about the definition and importance of thread count in determining the durability and softness of the bedsheet. Moreover, you will also find some tips for the other things that you must look for in bedsheets while buying.

What is Thread Count?

Thread count can be simply defined as the number of threads that are present in one square inch of the bedsheet knitted both horizontally and vertically. In technical terms, the vertical knit is known as a wrap, and the horizontal knit is known as weft.

Every bedsheet that is manufactured in either handloom or machine has a specific thread count. It is one of the quality determinants of cotton bedsheets.

What type of thread count is good?

Thread counts can come in ranges from 50 - 1000. However, the optimum one that you can opt for is 400-600. Higher thread counts require finer threads and finer they get, the fabric gets softer, thereby ensuring greater comfortability. Care should be taken as multi-ply threads of higher count can get rough, hampering the quality. Thus, a sheet with 400-600 count serves most of the purpose and if the quality of fibre is good, bedsheets can withstand rough washing as well.

Importance of Thread Count for Cotton Bedsheets

When it comes to buying Amazon can be a great place to start with. However, you must check the thread count before finalizing your order for the following reasons:

Enhances the design

A cotton bedsheet with a low thread count may create tiny small holes with time. You should always try to check if the thread count is at least over 180. A bedsheet with a 600 thread count can retain its design and last for a longer period.

The matter of design depends on the type of thread that is used to weave the bedsheet. In general, two types of threads are used to weave a bedsheet, namely, single-ply and double-ply. You can expect double-ply to experience wear and tear faster if the yarn is of poor quality. 

More softness

If the thread count is comparatively more in the cotton sheets, you can expect the bedsheet to be softer than those having lower counts. Lower thread counts can lead to hardness of the sheet. 

Provides more comfort

You can get more comfort when it comes to using a cotton bedsheet with more thread count. So, it is important for you to check the count when you buy one. All reputed brands of bedsheets generally project their thread count in the packages. Always remember the fact that a soft bed sheet can ensure a good sleep. 

Better quality

The quality of cotton is crucial in making a bedsheet as comfort comes first. You can get to know the quality by knowing the number of threads as higher the thread count, the softer will be the sheet and therefore the comfort level will be more. 

Other Aspects to Consider While Buying a Bedsheet

Besides the thread count, here are a few more points that should be taken into consideration while buying a bedsheet.


Make sure that the fiber of the cotton used in the bedsheet is of excellent quality. The price of the bedsheet having a quality fiber might be more, but you must buy it to ensure that it has better longevity. Try to check if the bedsheet is made with a high-quality cotton variant.

Try organic cotton

If you have a chance to choose between chemical cotton and organic cotton, stick to the organic cotton for enjoying better comfort. A bedsheet of organic cotton with a high thread count can bring the utmost comfort for you. 


It is vital for a purchaser to check the style of weave that the cotton bedsheet has as it will have direct contact with the skin. You might face a problem in sleeping comfortably if the weave of the bedsheet is not proper.

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