In order to expand your cannabis business and attract more clients, you need high-quality content. Content can make or break your business. In fact, content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.  And 91% of companies are already using content marketing reported by With the right approach and strategically written content, you can have an army of loyal clients. 

It is indisputable that the cannabis industry is rapidly growing. More and more people are advocating for its legalization and use for different purposes. That is why well-written content can get new users on your side. If you want to get more clients, follow these content creation rules.

Create informative content 

To attract serious clients with the right intentions, you want to provide suitable content. 

Content that doesn't provide credible information reflects badly on the business. Clients will make a judgment about your services and product based on what they read. 

You need to invest some time when you create content. Do a thorough research and provide information that is up to date. 

Your clients should learn something new and interesting. Also, don’t forget to include the sources.  

Your business will seem more trustworthy if you create informative content. 

Optimize content 

You won't be able to gain more clients if your page doesn't rank well on search engines. That is why SEO optimization is one of the crucial elements of content creation. 

Even the best-written content can't have an effect on readers if they can't find it. With some SEO tricks, your content can rank in the top three pages. 

For example, if you sell medical cannabis, one weak product description and poorly written blog posts will reflect badly on your SEO and your business. 

During the content creation process think about how your clients would approach the search. Brainstorm about the questions they would ask. Write down all the keywords they might type. 

Based on that, source a few main keywords that you can dispense naturally in your content. Use the keyword research tool if you need some ideas and look for the best academic writing service to create engaging and trustworthy content.  

In addition to keywords, make sure you incorporate some valid links and references. They add value to your content and signal search engines that your content is valuable to the readers.

Use social media 

Social media platforms are very powerful content distribution channels. The statistics from 2019 show that there are 3.2 billion social media users.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the easiest and fastest way to approach people and attract their attention to your business. All you need is suitable, entertaining, and informative content. 

These major social media platforms won’t allow you to use paid ads but you can opt for other methods. Create an account and find your target audience. Do that by searching for similar accounts and then follow their followers to get the users’ attention.  

Look up to Kiva Confections, a brand that makes cannabis edibles. Their chocolate bars infused with THC and/or CBD are their most popular products. They have a strong social media presence that contributes to their popularity.   

Like Kiva Confections, you have to win them over with great content. Share interesting stories. Upload high-quality videos and images. Post infographics, and write about the newest discoveries in the industry.

Cover suitable topics 

When you decide to create new content, you should focus on attractive topics. Your main goal is to write and post about trending and intriguing subject matter. 

Put yourself in the client’s shoes and think about what topics would catch your interest. In most cases, people love to read about current news or general informative facts. 

For example, you can cover topics such as: 

  •  Details about the cannabis plant
  •  Compounds in cannabis
  •  How compounds in cannabis affect our body and mind
  •  Benefits of cannabis
  •  Medical conditions that are created with cannabis

Of course, make sure that you cover topics that are closely related to your business. If your niche is medical cannabis your content should include topics that elaborate more about the subject. Cover topics such as the benefits of medical cannabis.  

Enhance content with visuals 

Visuals have a major role in retaining people’s attention. They break the monotonous paragraphs of text and add visual stimulation.  

Readers tend to grasp the content more easily when it includes images or videos. 

Leafly, a cannabis strain and dispensary database that provides relevant news about cannabis often include visuals in their posts.

Their informative posts and corresponding visuals have brought them over 500k followers on Instagram.  

Use infographics if you want to support data or statistics that you have included in the post. 

You can also create videos that tell a story about your business or products. Videos are a great way of establishing a closer connection to the audience. 

Closing thoughts 

The cannabis business is still on the rise so it is the perfect time to promote your brand. One of the best marketing tools you can use is high-quality content.  

With the above-mentioned tips, you can finally get the attention you deserve and gain more clients.