There is always a difference between classical music. Each style requires a different set of skills. If you are a piano player, whether you are a novice or an experienced player, you can still find classic variations that match your experience and skill level. The following article will help you learn how to play the classical piano.

The piano is a very calming and relaxing way to learn musical instruments. So how to improve your piano music skill? Please read this article

Learn to read popular music

For a musician playing the classical music style, you will have to rely on your music books very much, the book contains advanced classical rhythms from any famous artist or maybe just a few good composers.

To show a classic, it's important that you not only listen and learn it by ear because it will be so different from what you think. To solve this, there is no other way than to play classical music, but to know how to read the music to know how to go to each note.

Adjust your playing posture and improve the skills you are playing
Posture and playing skills are especially important when making music passages. It affects skills, ingenuity, and control.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to find yourself a teacher who can give you professional playing tips and have good ideas in finding the skills that are right for you.
Relax your shoulders and don't brace your forearms.
Use the weight of the arm, which is better than the way you just use the force of your arm and press down on the tip of your finger to press the fret, loosen the 2 hands and use the force on the knuckles themselves to hold for wrists straight.
Do not put strength on your forearms while playing. The entire weight of the arm should rest rest on your fingers.
Try to rest your hands on your knees or on your lap while sitting. This feeling of rest should also occur when you play. Remember, gravity is a close friend.
Watch clips that musicians show off their skills to inspire you. Consult with your teachers or friends to increase the knowledge and skills.

Be strict with yourself

If you are playing a quick piano melody, listen carefully. If you find it difficult to listen to and play at the same time, record yourself playing the melody you just played. If you have a teacher, he or she will help you with this. Know yourself what sections you need to fix or of course listen to your teachers.

If you are playing a quick piano melody, listen carefully. If you find it difficult to listen to and play at the same time, record yourself playing the melody you just played.

Practice the skill of flexible position switching on your fingers

One of the hardest things to speed up is to use one finger to play through the rest of the fingers.

Practice these skills by converting slowly. Playing this skill perfectly will help you play well on the fast paced scale, making them smoother. Ask for help from your teacher or find instructional videos to help you with any questions.

Do not rush too with your ability

Never play a fast-paced rhythm on an existing beat. You will have to stop halfway and fix your best friend constantly, but this is bad for you.

Start slowly and then gradually increase the pace will be a sure way for you to reach the standard speed. You will still have to carefully control the prick you are playing. If you only focus on excessive rhythm, you will make many mistakes when you practice.

If you're trying to solve this problem, go back to the beat frequencies you can manage. Practicing playing fast rhythms requires patience and discipline, but once you have achieved the correct pace, you will find it much more interesting and not wasting the effort you create.

Never compare your playing skills with others

You learn the piano at the same time as a friend, but after a while, you find that the friend is playing better than you, you begin to feel frustrated and frustrated about yourself.

It is true to say that each person will have different abilities, instead of comparing and having such negative thoughts, you are optimistic, believe in yourself and practice diligently. Sometimes after a while, you also can't believe that the song is played by yourself.

Never give up

When we do anything, what is needed for success and efficiency is effort. If you are unable to play a piece of music for the first time, try to practice until you are able to play it smoothly. No child has ever been able to speak and laugh right away. They need time and process to develop. If you can't fully feel a piece of music, divide it into small chunks, practice each piece thoroughly and then put the pieces together to get a complete song. With practice like that will help you improve your piano playing skills there.
  • Always keep your hopes and dreams, never give up because in fact, to help you improve your piano skills, you need a lot of time.
  • Always keep your hopes and dreams, never give up because in fact, to help you improve your piano skills, you need a lot of time.

Do not upload videos that you just started practicing to play on social networks
Social networks are complex and diverse, and most people do not comment on a spirit of goodwill. So if you think giving people online to help you is wrong, the fact is that the number of people criticizing will be greater than the number of people who give advice. These non-constructive suggestions can drag your spirit down, so much so that your psychology takes a long time to regain your balance.

Therefore, it is best not to post videos on social networks before you reach a certain level. If you want people to comment, you go to the sharing forums that you really trust.

References and appropriate learning methods

There are many piano textbooks available on the market today with a variety of learn methods. But you need to find out the materials and learning methods that are suitable for your ability and level because when you follow the curriculum, you will have to stick to the lesson, practice, the method you are following.

All in all, your piano playing skills still cannot improve even though you learn the piano for a long time, but you cannot play a piece of music smoothly. You ask yourself and give the answer: You are not gifted in playing the piano and start to get bored. Do not be impatient! Like other subjects, when you are planning to learn an instrument, specifically piano lessons Singapore, you need to make an effort, as well as passion and enthusiasm to practice, practicing piano properly is also a way to improve performance the best.