BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate)

What is BMR? In simple terms, BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate) defines the energy that one individual needs for survival. However, this energy count is for the state of rest when a person is not involved in any physical activity. People who are young have more mass on their body and their BMR is on the higher side. Similarly, older people have less mass so the BMR is on a lower scale.

Getting help from this BMR calculator

It is a major advantage to have a quality BMR calculator. If you have a high standard tool with you, there is no need to perform any calculation steps yourself. This tool would do everything for you once you have entered the input values. When you are keeping a track of fat loss, it is necessary to have accurate results. This is only possible when you are using a quality BMR calculator. With this tool, you do not have to worry about getting wrong estimates.

• This tool is a free option with quality outputs

Users do not have to worry about paying any cost to use this tool because it is free. This is a key priority for most users. They prefer tools that are free and have a sound technical base and offer free usage. It is quite hard to get this combination. Most free BMR calculators only have short time free trial versions for the users. To continue the usage for a long span of time, they have to spend money. With this BMR calculator, none of these issues exist. The tool offers complete free usage and users do not have to go through any conditions.

• Get accurate results in less time

When one is dealing with mathematical calculations, there is nothing more important than coming up with the correct results. This BMR calculator produces the correct values so users can depend on the outputs. This is a problem with a lot of BMA calculators present on the internet. Apparently, they seem dependable but when you start using it, various errors are witnessed.

One of them is that incorrect BMR values would be produced. When a user is using an online calculator, he does not recheck the values produced. This is because, in the case of a technological tool, no human errors are made. This is a completely dependable tool and you can count on the BMR values.

Steps of using this BMR calculator

As compared to a lot of other tools, this BMR calculator is much simpler. Here are the short steps you need to go through to get the needed values.

• Enter your gender, height, and weight

To use this BMR tool, you need to start by entering core details about yourself. For instance, select your gender and then enter the height and weight. For instance, consider that you are a male with a height of 6 ft and weigh 100 kilos. Input this information and then advance to the next step.

• Enter activity level and age

These are the last two inputs that users have to enter. The sedentary activity level is important as it decides the ability to lose fat. People who work out regularly lose weight at a fast pace. Similarly, if someone does not work out on a regular scale and has a sedentary level of physical activity, he would find it hard to lose weight.

• Outputs and a proper example

You can move ahead to the output stage after all the inputs have been entered. The outputs are produced after the “calculate” button is clicked. Let us go through an example to get more understanding about the tool functionality.

Consider that you are a male with a height of 6ft and weight 90 kilos. Along with that, the activity level is sedentary and age is 35 years. Enter all these inputs and execute the calculation process. The outputs would be BMR and calories you need to run through the day. In this case, the BMR would be 3447 calories per day. Similarly, calories per day would be 4172.6 calories per day.

This BMR calculator has online access

Online tools are much easier to use than offline ones. First of all, you can start using this tool without completing any installations. All you need is a device with internet connectivity. You do not need to go through any downloads or installation of supporting applications.

• The interface of an online calculator matters a lot. Users do not opt for calculations that have a difficult set of controls. The interface of this BMR calculator is incredibly simple so users prefer it highly.

BMR calculators are not complex in terms of usage

If a tool is complex and several inputs have to be entered, a user may get agitated and exit. BMR calculators are very easy to use. Hence, even if you have the basic technical knowledge, it would be easy for you to use this calculator.

When you are using a complex tool, technical expertise is needed to understand it. As BMR calculators are easy, anyone can use them including health professionals, medical experts, and fitness instructors.

If you are following a weight loss plan, a continuous check on the BMR value is important. No one has the time to sit down with a pen and paper to calculate the BMR value. At any time if you wish to check the BMR value, insert the values in the tool and the results would be produced. 


How much energy does the body require when it is in the state of rest? BMR is the term used to define this rate. Every individual should know about his BMR rate. It depends on a lot of factors including the weight you have, gender and physical activity.

There are a number of methods to determine the BMR rate. However, using the online calculator is definitely the best way to get correct BMR values. Other than that, a lot of time is not needed to determine accurate results.