Catering Food

Having wedding woes about food catering plan? From organizing to ensuring the standard of food served, be it on the table or Buffet system, a catering company needs to pay attention to it. From decoration to the presentation, consider the following catering trends for your occasions . 

If food is your passion, it is something you live for, and you feel you possess the skills to understand it the way no one else can, then your wedding day becomes like a showcase of your fondness. Besides the importance placed on the picturesque venue and the way you look, the food you serve will also be judged and scrutinized. To help you make the selection more comfortable, here are some of the latest food trends sweeping the country and inspiring catering company in Melbourne and other cities- 
  • Go Modern for Your Wedding Cake: Gone are the days of a traditional white laced cake. With cupcakes, macaroons and crepe cakes in the picture, you can choose your favourite food to recreate a wedding cake. If you have a more homely feel to your wedding, you can even select a scrumptious pie as a dessert.
  • Keep It Simple - Serve food that is easy and simple to eat. Burgers and pizzas may seem too mainstream, but you can always make it fancier by using epicurean ingredients and upgrading the service style. You can never go wrong with a truffle Mac and cheese or fries with garlic aioli!
  • Have a Focus Element - A new trend in wedding catering in Melbourne is of having one focused element. If you love the slightly sour taste of salt, you can add it to almost anything on your menu. From sea salted bass as a primary to salted caramel desserts, talk to your catering company for menu options that focus on your chosen component. However, remember to have a component that you know most people would not hesitate eating. Instead of the mains, try to have this element used mainly for an appetizer where it is easy to have other options as well.
  • Involve the Guests - Instead of a formal sit-down dinner, have stations around the venue. This way, people can sample different food as and when they wish to as well as interact with other guests. Think of shucked oysters or a gourmet pizza bar as a live counter or gourmet food delivery for people to pick and mix ingredients to their liking.
  • Freely Flowing Drinks - It is as important to serve the right drinks as food. You do not need to have a complete bar available all night, but it's always good to have some drinks available. If you are opting for a wedding without alcohol, you can even choose to serve colourful sodas or maycatering companybe signature mocktails the guests could have. It is a great way to keep the party going long after the last served dish.
  • Make It Personal - You may feel as if serving an elaborate fare is what makes guests happier, but even simple rustic food can taste just as good when it seems like your selection.

Lastly, remember to serve food that describes you or is something you would love to eat from mash-up dishes to breakfast items served as dinner. This wedding is ultimately your special day; make sure you have fun too!

Consumers of modern times seem more focused on the experiences they derive. Hence, to fulfil their expectations, the year is also estimated to witness several conducted events at various catering halls for parties and non-restaurant spaces. Instead of venues like the movie theatres and bowling alleys, the upcoming year is about to witness entertained consumers with special events served by catering companies in Melbourne. Since people tend to have liked for new concepts, don't get surprised to find catering service Melbourne for parties held at your place.