Getting older includes taking more and more care of your health. Your golden years are the perfect timing to start paying attention to your heart. The risk of heart disease may be increased over the years but you can do a lot to reduce it. 

Work on your diet

Eating a balanced diet will do a lot for your health and your heart. The most useful advice you could get on what to eat for a healthy heart is that you should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Eat green vegetables such as spinach or kale which are great sources of vitamin K.

By consuming whole grains, you'll decrease the risk of heart disease. Since you'll reduce the unwanted cholesterol, you should eat oats, rye, and brown rice more often. Make fish a part of your diet. Salmon and sardines are full of omega-3 fatty acids that will be more than beneficial for your heart.

Choose fats wisely

What you eat is very important for your heart’s health. Processed foods such as bakery goods and fried foods contain Trans fats. If you want to decrease the risk of heart disease, you should choose foods with healthier options.

Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that can be found in nuts, seeds, avocado or olive oils will be a much better option for your heart. Make sure to choose canola and fatty fish as well, since all of these options will lower your cholesterol which will reduce the risk of heart disease.

Don’t smoke

If you smoke, it goes without saying that you’re harming your heart. Smoking is usually linked to heart disease and heart disease is usually linked to death. With smoking, you are putting your health at risk.

If you do smoke, make sure to quit as soon as possible. Your heart will benefit a lot if you stop. You shouldn’t let such addiction ruin your life and you should do all you can to fight it. As soon as you quit smoking, you’ll reduce the risk of heart disease and do a lot for your quality of life in general. 

Talk to your doctor

No one will help you or your heart more than your doctor. He or she is the one familiar with your condition and he or she will know how to help you the best.

The best thing you can do is do regular check-ups and not wait for a problem to occur. If you already have some heart problems, don’t wait and do something immediately. Find professionals that will perform af ablation if that’s what you need. Your heart is very valuable and you should treat it appropriately. 

Avoid stress

Needless to say, stress is bad for your health. Specifically, stress is bad for your blood pressure, it causes overeating, and it can cause heart diseases. You may even drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes to cope with stress and that kind of behavior is even worse for your health.

If you want to take your health seriously, you should try to reduce stress. Ways in which you could reduce stress are numerous. You just have to find those that work for you and focus on them until you've trained yourself and successfully reduced stress levels in your life. 

Work on your sleep schedule

It may not be obvious but bad sleeping habits can take its toll on your health. Try not to wake up too early or go to sleep too late. Try to limit your caffeine intake.

If you feel tired, take a nap. You should limit the nap, though, to 20 minutes or so, to not let it affect your sleep at night. Try to go to bed and get at the same time. Don’t use electronics before sleep. All these things seem obvious but people sometimes forget how bad they actually are. 

Increase physical activity

For a healthy heart, cardio exercise will do the trick. You can just start walking more and you’ll already do a lot for your heart. If you have the time and resources, you can go swimming or even biking. This kind of exercise is very beneficial for your health.

With age, the body loses muscle density. If you start exercising more or just walking, you'll strengthen your muscles. The heart will really benefit from such activities and if you don't already do them, start immediately.


The way to a healthier heart isn’t that difficult. With a few changes in your lifestyle, you can do a lot for your heart's health. Don't wait and start today by cooking a healthy protein and vitamin-rich meals.