Nowadays, when you hear the word ‘advertising’, the chances are you think about snappy, engaging video content or commercials on TV. But classic modes of advertising are still popular and effective, and outdoor advertising is a timeless and familiar part of our urban landscape. Whenever we spend time out of our homes - which is a lot of the time - we encounter advertising. And the medium isn’t just limited to huge roadside billboards (although these are popular and effective). In fact, companies are finding more and more creative outdoor solutions to advertise their products and services. Here are some of the benefits to outdoor advertising, and some different techniques to try out.

High impact messages

Unlike other forms of marketing, outdoor advertising can’t be switched off. The impact of seeing a large poster on public transport or driving past a huge billboard cannot be underestimated. Signage and billboards have been a part of the landscape we all inhabit for more than a century, and the impact is only cemented by driving or walking past the same message day after day. Having your product or service advertised, in large, striking letters or images, is a surefire way to get your message into people’s heads, and generate traffic for your business.

Moving messages

These days billboards aren’t the only solution. In fact, companies are finding more creative outdoor advertising techniques designed to get their brand noticed on the streets. Its simple to launch a campaign using business vehicles, with a product or service plastered on the sides. Not only are these vehicles functional, they also take the outdoor advertising all over the town or city in which they are used, reaching more and more potential customers. Of course, vehicle wrapping is only one of many ways to tell your business’s story - more traditional printed media is still an effective way to spread brand awareness.


Studies have shown that the purchases and engagement generated by well placed, well designed outdoor advertising campaigns are formidable. A high return of investment is delivered, and according to the reports, the more budget allocated to an outdoor campaign, the more successful it is, unlike many other forms of advertising. This is thanks to the low CPM (cost per thousand impressions) of outdoor advertising. This is why your best bet is always going for high-traffic areas when placing outdoor advertisements.

Reaching far and wide

As mentioned before, it’s impossible to switch off an outdoor advertisement. This means that the reach is bigger and broader than many other forms of advertising - and means that outdoor ads can be seen by those who don’t engage with technology or social media platforms where other advertisements may be. It has also been shown that, unlike many other forms of advertising, people actually enjoy consuming outdoor advertisements - it feels more traditional, less intrusive, giving potential customers the feeling that it is their choice to engage with and respond to it.

No barrier

There is no barrier between the advertisement and the consumer - no action is required for an individual to view it. As people move through the local landscape they are able to take in outdoor advertising, and repeat exposures make the campaign increasingly effective (hence the cost-effectiveness of a highly visible advertisement).

Make your brand recognizable

When deployed well, outdoor advertising is one of the best ways to raise brand awareness for your product or service. This means not only securing an effective, heavy traffic location for your advertisement, but also focusing on the design, the message, and the overall delivery package. Words and images should be bold and striking, but it is worth remembering that you usually have enough space and enough time (an audience who sees your campaign frequently on their commute or is looking at it on a bus or train journey, etc) to flesh out your message. This means going beyond the broad strokes effected by a single slogan or image and into a level of detail that other advertising strategies often don’t allow for.

Outdoor advertising is a classic way to reach an audience or to cement your brand into the collective consciousness. High profile, high reach and high detail combine together to form an effective way to deliver a message, which isn’t going out of fashion anytime soon.