Citizenship is the process in which you get a guarantee under one country to use its resources and land to live upon. With the excess to all of its resources, you can spend your quality time there. Every citizen is guaranteed by its country under certain rules and regulations. 

Through the citizenship act, you can get various facilities depending on the type of citizenship. Every country has its own kind of offers and regulations for its citizens. Citizenship is presented by the government under the ministry of internal labor and laws.

What Dose Dual Citizenship Mean?

As the name suggests dual citizenship is offered by many countries in which there you get additional citizenship with your current citizenship if you fulfilled the criteria set by the country under its regulations. Through dual citizenship, you can get an easy entry to two countries and use its resources easily. The dual citizenship channel is provided by various countries, but not all of them. 

With dual citizenship, you guarantee the benefits and perks presented by each country to its full eligibility under which one can get a hand on all of the rights which were presented in that country. You get your passports, your unique identity your obligation, the cultural education provided by that country. 

You get all of these facilities by both the country in full context. In dual citizenship, you may also be charged the dual taxation as you are a particular citizen of that country so it doesn’t matter what you are paying in your other country, for that particular country you are its sole citizen. 

Citizenship By Investment- Concept And Choronology

Under various programs, you can lay your hands on particular citizenship as laid down by many countries through its investment program. Through this program, you can spend on a particular behalf and get citizenship in reward or we can say in an exchange. There are several countries in the Caribbean through which you can get access to their citizenship program just by investing in their particular spectrum. 

By the investment program of citizenship, your family members are also eligible to qualify. There is a freedom of mobility to the citizen as provided under their program. Citizenship by investment Antigua is one such fine example in which you can get citizenship by opting for investment option. Antigua is one such heaven on earth in which everyone is willing to opt for. Through this citizenship investment program, you can easily qualify for the dual-channel citizenship other than your own country.


The citizenship program is carried out by various departments of government, which are responsible for generating income to governmental funds through the right passage. Various programs are launched by many countries mainly in vacation time so that each and everyone gets a chance to qualify for the same. 

The packages include different categories depending on the sales channel and weather conditions of that particular area. There may be a sports investment package or child safety package, you can choose one according to your demand. The packages are irrespective of the taxes implemented by the concerned authorities as they are born by the regulating committee of the event.